One four Challenge – Week 2 January


This week I played around with the saturation, contrast and brightness finally adding a HDR and frame effect in PicsArt. Thanks to Carrie’s advice I  downloaded ‘gimp’ but as yet still just trying to fathom my way through the incredible depth of tools available.

I’d very much appreciate your thoughts or feedback on this week. I feel the saturation in the water is way too much, so compensating for the soft effect of wordpress was way over the top this week? Well, that is a project for next week!!

Week ONE of the January challenge is HERE

Join in with Robyn and the rest of the talented crew for Week 2 for January- here.

Some photo effects to ponder and play with.


14 thoughts on “One four Challenge – Week 2 January”

  1. For me the HDR effect could have been replaced with just adding some contrast and then saturation. HDR filters on single images in my opinion just add more contrast in the midtones giving an effect of depth. Just adding some contrast may give a more pleasing image. I do like the colours of the picture and they work really well.

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    1. Thank you Ben, for that insightful advice. I am certainly going to take that on board and give it a go. I was not aware of the mechanics behind HDR, only what I see on the screen, so I greatly appreciate your comment.

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  2. You’ve straightened it too and the super saturation really focuses the eye on the boat and then the highlights on the trees branches. Love that Amanda. The frame accentuates the peephole effect very well a clever idea. Looking forward to next weeks edit.

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    1. So lovely of you to revisit and comment further. I appreciate the endorsements, but I am pretty sure I will decrease the saturation and try something else next week. Thanks for commenting also on the frame. I wanted it to look like I was looking through a window, that looked through a peephole!!


  3. Woh!!! Love it… Its fun!!
    Puts me in my mind of the 60s and 70s.. I think.
    Takes me back anyway 😄
    Apologies for my tardy reply – Ive been having trouble with WP and leaving comments this last week.

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      1. Yes it can be for sure. Sometimes it seems there is no rhyme nor reason 😜 We do our best!
        Thanks. Yes, much better late than never 😃😃


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