Serenity – Weekly Photo Challenge


Waves at rest now on the sandy shore,

A mountain stream babbling ‘neath a cool glade,

Sun releasing a final, firey blast before sleep,

Raindrops forming crystals on a fluorescent leaf,

Comfort, quiet, a place where stress disappears

That is Serenity





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14 thoughts on “Serenity – Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. Truly beautiful photographs and lovely opening words. The first one is the most strikingly awesome of the three, but I also love the second, with the wonderful reflections in the water. That speaks ‘Serenity’ to me.
    I’m impressed by your blog and see that you’re also a Nordic lover. I’m hoping to get to Birka, on an island near to Stockholm, in the near future. It features in one of my books and I’m desperate to see the place.

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    1. Hi Millie,
      What a sweet and kind comment on my photography. I am a bit envious that you are going to Birka, that sounds fantastic, and even more so that your book features it. I can see already that you are someone that, like me, enjoys Scandinavian culture! Thanks for stopping by. I also found your blog fascinating! Looking forward to reading more great flash fiction! Lovely to meet you, Millie.


      1. Thank you so much, Amanda. I do love anything remotely Scandinavian. I’ve done a lot of research about ‘The Viking World’, but mostly about Denmark. My trilogy is about King Alfred and the Danes, although my other protagonist spends some years amongst the Danes. I spent a few weeks at Aahus doing research, and loved it! The ‘Viking Moot’ at the end of July is brilliant. Birka’s definitely next on my list. It featured in Book 1 and I relied on videos and general reading for that – but I still want to visit the site. I’m writing the third book at the moment.
        Your blog looks excellent and gives me something to aspire to, as well as the Nordic appeal it has for me. I’m a relative ‘newbie’ to blogging. And I really do love your photography. Lovely to meet you, too.

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  2. Hey, Ann-christine! Sunsets over the water
    are always magical!! Thanks for visiting me again! How is the winter at your end of the world. I am away at present escaping the awful tropical heat and humidity!!! It has been a welcome break.


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