Weekly Photo Challenge – Depth

Traveling to various places in the world deepens ones knowledge, tolerance and consciousness.

Here are some of the places that spring to mind when I am prompted by the Weekly photography Challenge:

IMG_5279 (Small)

These places all have depth:

The Fjords in Norway’s West Coast





Floibanan in Bergen



A Depth of history pervades the country cottage lanes in Denmark

Hdr filter

The Depth of Grandeur in Switzerland is self-evident


But also  in valleys of the  newer countries like New Zealand

A depth of interest

A depth of awakening to the possibilities before you

Something to Ponder About


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Depth

  1. Brilliant photos. All those places look magnificent and very grand. Love the cloud cover. Sometimes when I watch clouds move away into the distance, it makes me think of what really is out there and beyond what I can see. Agreed. Traveling opens our eyes to new experiences and cultures, making us realise that there is so much more than just us and ourselves in this world 🙂


    1. I have been in Switzerland and Norway. We have made road trips from Finland to Norway and I have three posts from those trips. The most awesome is road trip to Nordkapp.

      Happy Sunday!


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