Phoneography and Non SLR Device Photo Challenge – Macro

When in Milan, do as the Milanese do… Eat gelati!


With a Nexus 4 – no filter

milano gelati

Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge – Macro theme

and this week I also have a pens section, though just for fun….


Summer Holiday in Milan

It was the first thing I did

The milky mass slid

oozing between my fingers.




– on my tongue.

Surely one is okay;

Part of the fun?

To hell with the scales

and my dieting fail.

Heat is enemy,  to gelati and man?

Sun worshippers think it means a deep tan.

In the heat and humidity, I’ll always complain.

Yet, searching all winter, “Is it spring?” a refrain.

The north shovel the ‘white stuff’ and wish winter gone,

Whilst my lament is no more gelati, now that I’ve flown home…



 Summer, Holidays and Gelati – Something I Ponder About



16 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non SLR Device Photo Challenge – Macro”

  1. Nicely done–the combination of the yummy close up and the poem. Enjoyed your perspective on the scene. We have a restaurant on our Main Street that sells their homemade gelato. We have it year round–and it’s always a treat. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  2. Lovely poem (and a very interesting shape) and an excellent close-up of that wonderful looking gelati. The Italians certainly know a thing or two about ice cream!.So many flavours it’s impossible to choose.

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  3. Aha. You are smart, and write smart poetry, too. Very clever, and not only clever, but a good poem. (1) Have you ever read This Is Just to Say, by William Carlos Williams? Your poem reminded me of it, in a good way.
    (2) Have you read some of Cynthia’s poems? Smart, clever, good. Here’s a straightforward one from when she first started blogging.


    1. You really are too kind, O. Babe! I don’t think much of my poetry, it is just words that I like. But having said that: I will definitely see if I can find the Williams poem, as it would be fun to compare, and also Cynthia’s. Poetry can, like the proverbs, contain profound wisdoms!!!


      1. I got the poem out of one of the best schoolbooks ever I was given: In HS, a teacher MADE us–Oh, no!!–study poetry for most of one year, and one of the books we were given was a skinny paperback, “Reflections On a Gift of Watermelon Pickle and other modern verses”. Fantastic, amazing book. I met e.e. cummings, Langston Hughes, Ogden Nash, Walter de la Mare, Carl Sandburg, Dorothy Parker… I still have the book. I have two. I bought a second copy in a thrift store, scared the first would fall apart someday.

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