Phoneography and Non SLR Device Photo Challenge – Macro

When in Milan, do as the Milanese do… Eat gelati!


With a Nexus 4 – no filter

milano gelati

Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge – Macro theme

and this week I also have a pens section, though just for fun….


Summer Holiday in Milan

It was the first thing I did

The milky mass slid

oozing between my fingers.




– on my tongue.

Surely one is okay;

Part of the fun?

To hell with the scales

and my dieting fail.

Heat is enemy,  to gelati and man?

Sun worshippers think it means a deep tan.

In the heat and humidity, I’ll always complain.

Yet, searching all winter, “Is it spring?” a refrain.

The north shovel the ‘white stuff’ and wish winter gone,

Whilst my lament is no more gelati, now that I’ve flown home…



 Summer, Holidays and Gelati – Something I Ponder About


16 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non SLR Device Photo Challenge – Macro”

  1. Nicely done–the combination of the yummy close up and the poem. Enjoyed your perspective on the scene. We have a restaurant on our Main Street that sells their homemade gelato. We have it year round–and it’s always a treat. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  2. I enjoyed the poem as well as the photo. The angle you used added to the look of the shot. We have have gelato offered in Naperville, but if it’s too cold, it just doesn’t appeal to me.


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  3. Lovely poem (and a very interesting shape) and an excellent close-up of that wonderful looking gelati. The Italians certainly know a thing or two about ice cream!.So many flavours it’s impossible to choose.

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  4. Aha. You are smart, and write smart poetry, too. Very clever, and not only clever, but a good poem. (1) Have you ever read This Is Just to Say, by William Carlos Williams? Your poem reminded me of it, in a good way.
    (2) Have you read some of Cynthia’s poems? Smart, clever, good. Here’s a straightforward one from when she first started blogging.


    1. You really are too kind, O. Babe! I don’t think much of my poetry, it is just words that I like. But having said that: I will definitely see if I can find the Williams poem, as it would be fun to compare, and also Cynthia’s. Poetry can, like the proverbs, contain profound wisdoms!!!


      1. I got the poem out of one of the best schoolbooks ever I was given: In HS, a teacher MADE us–Oh, no!!–study poetry for most of one year, and one of the books we were given was a skinny paperback, “Reflections On a Gift of Watermelon Pickle and other modern verses”. Fantastic, amazing book. I met e.e. cummings, Langston Hughes, Ogden Nash, Walter de la Mare, Carl Sandburg, Dorothy Parker… I still have the book. I have two. I bought a second copy in a thrift store, scared the first would fall apart someday.

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