Copenhagen Shooting: One Dead in Deadly Seminar Attack

Lone Gunmen attacks Copenhagen cafe

Brain Cage

Link to article.

An audio recording captured the moment the gunmen struck (listeners may find content distressing)

Denmark is on high alert after a gunman in Copenhagen killed one person and injured three at a free speech debate attended by a Swedish cartoonist.

Several dozen shots were fired at the seminar and a manhunt is now under way.

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt described it as a “politically motivated” act of terrorism.

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15 thoughts on “Copenhagen Shooting: One Dead in Deadly Seminar Attack”

  1. Yes, but why portray Muhammad as a dog? I haven’t seen the cartoon. I can hardly think it was hilarious. Freedom of press does not mean freedom from slander or a freedom expressing hatefull images.
    Try and present the holocaust in a funny cartoon and see how far you get.

    Of course , there is never any excuse for murdering anyone,. It is wrong. Very wrong.

    But could it be possible to be free and try and be funny without insults or slander?

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    1. You have some valid points, Gerard. and the above article is not my opinion, but rather a reblog. Cartoonists sometimes go too far, and some ARE are offensive, and one Australian cartoonist even declared the terrorists’s to be thin-skinned and lacking humour. I think this vigilante kind of justice and the extreme nature of these acts far outweighs the offensive remark/picture. I did see this picture of the dog you refer to, it is available online, and I also remember Winston Churchill being portrayed as a bulldog many times in cartoons also. However, I also think it would be better to be free and try to be funny without insults.


  2. People able to harness wit do so more and more viciously because of the rules set up by the ‘religious’ communities, who themselves are seen as refusing to bow to the rules|norms of the communities in which they have chosen to live.

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          1. I found the whole Sydney Siege thing absolutely disgusting. It was made into a media event, and ever so easy for said media to claim we needed to know … Had it not happened with a Channel 7 studio within spitting distance, those two might not have died; as the proper policing might have been followed.


            1. Nobody actually knows what happened or why; the sole two facts we know that have emerged from official sources are that the young bloke was murdered by the gunman and the young woman was killed by ricochet bullets. It’s a miracle there weren’t lots more killed in that way. It was a total fiasco and disaster.


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