Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger3Many, many thanks to Millie Thom over at Bringing History to Life for nominating me for the Versatile blogger award back in January, when I was off gallivanting around the southern capitals.

Whilst I am very honoured by her attributing the award to me, I will fulfill some of the conditions of award in disclosing seven facts about myself, and nominate several blogs I feel are definitely worth a visit.

However, having said that, I recognize that everyone is time poor and whilst grateful to Millie and others  for award nomination, I hold no expectations nor requests to fulfill the award conditions of the nominees I list. In fact, some of those in my blogging community, intensely dislike the whole award thingy!!!  So, for that reason, I am not including the hyperlink on the list of names.

Should you think my opinion is of value and are interested enough to want to hop over and check out their blog, there is several keyboard shortcuts that will help you. You know the ones….(Think Control c and Control V) of the url….

Wanting also to be a bit creative in announcing this award, I have created a new logo for it. Feel free to copy and paste this if you so wish, or save to your desktop. You may use this  without fear of infringing copyright.

Versatiler blogger2

versatile blogger1

In accordance with the award –

 Seven Facts about Myself are:

  1. Sometimes I feel addicted to my blog and writing.
  2. I would choose to live in Scandinavia given the chance.

  3. I love highly saturated colour in art

  4. I had seven different jobs before I turned 21, and found the perfect job when I was just shy of fifty.

  5. I discovered I was related to my best friend (who was born in another country), via a cousin’s marriage some thirty five years after we first met

  6. My favourite colour is Prussian Blue

  7. My biggest regret is not travelling overland from Kathmandu to London when I was 19


versatile blogger3

Blogs worth visiting:

A Viking Saga -

Scrapydotwo -

Leya –

LeDrakenoir –

Oosterman Treats Blog –

Lucile –

Now at home –

Janet’s blog –

Tara’s blog –

Tina’s blog –

Dorthe’s blog –

Mabel’s blog –

Sally’s blog –

Blogs worth Pondering About and Visiting


11 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Your new Versatile Blogger Award logos are excellent – so much more colourful and meaningful than the one I had to use. Your creativity is to be envied! I’m starting to view award nominations in much the same way as you. They’re very time consuming to do, especially finding people to nominate who you think might be interested. What an intriguing response to your seventh fact . . . 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on the nomination and award! Well deserved. I love visiting your blog and what you post here – the proverbs, Australia, travel. Always find something interesting when I pop by. Thank you for including me in this list, I am very flattered, good start to the weekend, though I think there’s a typo there 😀 I love how you designed the logo, very creative of you. It looks fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mabel, The url was valid, it was just a formatting error ( due to posting on my phone)….I have fixed it now, looks much better. Thanks again for alerting me and feel free to use the logo on your blog, if you wish to accept the nomination of the award, yourself?


      1. All good now. Very interesting list of blogs you nominated there, I’ve checked out a few. Thanks so much again for the nomination, I am very humbled and flattered. I will put a link to your blog on my blog on my Awards page, what a lovely logo 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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