Shadow Shot Sunday 2 – Brighton Estuary

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

IMAG1141A small recreational area next to an estuary that looks more like Lord of the Rings than something in the littoral zone of south-east Queensland! I might just see Gollom somewhere nearby…

Something to Ponder About


About Forestwoodfolk

Scandinavian culture, literature and traditions are close to my heart, even though I am Australian. I have Scandinavian, Frisian and Prussian/Silesian ancestry and for that reason, I feel a connection with that part of the world. I am an avid Nordic Crime fiction reader, and enjoy photography, writing and a variety of cooking and crafts, and traditional decorative art forms. Politically aware and egalitarian by nature, I have a strong environmental bent.
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14 Responses to Shadow Shot Sunday 2 – Brighton Estuary

  1. A bit of ‘dance of the Valkyries’ about it too. Where is Odin?

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  2. Magical lighting through the trees. Even the twist of the tree trunk in the background seems fantastical.

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  3. I like how the light draws me into the woods here.

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  4. Kelly says:

    Wonderfully atmospheric shot! My imagination could go wild there.

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  5. fredamans says:

    Lovely play with light!

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  6. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    If you see him, give Gollum my regards! 😉

    Jazzy Shadows


  7. I see what you mean … but it also looks very estuarine, Amanda ! – most attractive !

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  8. Love the straight on into the sun and the shadows created! 🙂

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