Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge -Nature (Norway)

The Northern Hemisphere is breaking into Spring, or at least they are thinking that the environment should be, so I felt this photo appropriate to the Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge- Nature this week.

I have not noticed any great change, this year, in our weather pattern, but, this far north, that is not surprising. Generally, a cooler change comes through in Easter, so we have some way to go with the humidity yet. And the air con at work was broken, making for quite unbearable conditions when you can’t open the building’s windows! Listen to myself!!

  • Aren’t we in the modern world spoilt for luxury?

When I feel the heat is too much, I should think of women wearing corsets and long black dresses in 37 degree c heat, iduring Australia’s pioneering days, when the only shelter, from the blistering heat, was a slab hut with a tin roof…. then I would really have something to complain about!

So, back to the photograph for this week. The blue flowers, below, were true to the colour as they show up here. I first took the photo with my Canon point and Shoot and the blue hue showed up being really washed out, so I took another with the Nexus 4, and this was the result (no filters and unedited):

LarsStanaflowerslenspens nature mar15

I have also included the second photo so you can see the ‘Bigger’ picture, and have a point of reference for the flowers. The flowers look out on the following vista.

Both taken in Spectacular Norway.

lars stanaNature – impressive in its scale and colour

Something truly marvellous to ponder about. Join in with Sally and the other participants. There is a different theme each week.




15 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge -Nature (Norway)”

  1. Lovely capture of the flowers, and what a wonderful blue hue. Vivid and stunning. Getting warmer in the Northern hemisphere, and the exact opposite here in the southern part of the world. I miss summer already. We had a really mild one 🙂

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  2. Amanda, your bouquets of Spring flowers are a burst of hope. I’ve never seen such blue hue on a flower–it’s surprising and made to lure. Norway is such an amazingly gorgeous landscape. Your are quite fortunate to have such inspiration in your daily sights. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  3. What an amazing shade of blue! Beautiful photos and an interesting post. I agree with what you say about corsets and long dresses – although in Britain, I imagine they helped to keep women warm. 🙂

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  4. Wow, what incredible colors, Amanda! I’m thankful not to have to wear corsets or skirts with yards and yards of material! I’m also thankful spring might actually be arriving in the Chicago area tomorrow. Even if the temperatures dip down again, I know they won’t stay down. Can’t wait until the flowers start popping out!!



    1. You look forward to Spring and I do understand, but here I am trying to forget summer but it doggedly hangs on. The day before yesterday it was 36 celsius… .high nineties in fahrenheit. It is hard to keep cool in these temperatures, and unfortunately flowers like these, are never as intense in hue in this kind of heat. The photo was taken in Norway in summer. I hope Chicago bursts into bloom for you soon Janet. Have a great weekend, Amanda


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