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Photo 101 – Bliss, captions and Solitude -Rule of thirds




There’s a new photographic challenge on the WordPress Blogging University, explore the tag photo101 to find out more. This photo addresses four days beautifully. This photo was taken way before the photo challenge existed and it seems I followed the rule of thirds.

For me, most of Denmark and lots of Scandinavia is embodied in the word “Bliss”  and scenes like this encapsulate the atmosphere I feel in the Danish countryside.

This is the place where my great grandfather was born. There is a salmon ladder here and the red building is a water mill that dates back to a time in the nineteenth century when a ‘fabrik’ or cloth factory was located here. The factory was run by the Larsens and made uniforms for Danish soldiers battling their southern neighbours!

Those days are long gone and the factory building is now a teacher’s convention centre, and the grounds are used for picnics and recreation. I think great grandfather and his family would find some bliss here!

Day 2 – Street and Establishment Shots

Day 3 Water Orientation

Day 4 Bliss

Day 5 Solitude and Rule of Thirds

Something to Ponder About


18 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Bliss, captions and Solitude -Rule of thirds”

  1. The essence of Scandinavia is the essence to be itself. For the large part hewn out of granite and forests, mountains and meadows. It doesn’t bow to others nor seeks approval from others. It seeks to improve but doesn’t abandon history. It’s creativity in design from door-handle to rail station, from books to music, from paint to sculpture; it is always at the fore-front.


    1. You know it well, Gerard. This is why it is so appealing to me, and as you may also gather from a subsequent post, a feeling I have in my heart. No other culture has affected me so much! Thanks again, Gerard. I treasure your comments. Always well written, well thought out and so interesting!


  2. A very beautiful scene and what a wonderful design the building is. It all sounds so idyllic, with the salmon ladder and water mill. You could write wonderful stories -or poems – here. Creativity would just flow, I think.


      1. I like solitude and quiet when I’m living my story, so somewhere like that would really suit me. But I manage well in our study, with all my ressources to hand. The scenery surrounding our house is rural, so is pleasant to look at through the windows. I’d love to go on one of those Retreats, though, with nothing to think about for a week but my writing. There’s always so much to do at home. Thank you for asking!


        1. It is a constant juggling act to find time to spend on one’s hobby/blog/art/leisure pursuit. I am only now finding more time for it, as my youngest child enters adolescence! I guess life has been crazy for you for some time with six to raise?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Well, the youngest is 31 now, so it’s a while since we had them all at home. But I only retired from teaching four years ago. The teaching allowed me very little free time at home. I could never have written whilst still teaching. I’m glad you’re finding time for your own pursuits now, Amanda. I wish I could have started writing years ago.

            Liked by 1 person

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