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Photo 101 – Home, Homeland, Hjem

Home, Hjem, Homeland

It’s not my home,  yet I would call it mine.

I am not the owner, yet family lived there some time.

I’ve never been inside this ancestral home,

It’s my essence, my roots, and in my dreams I’ll roam.

I don’t know the new residents, they were out when I called.,

It’s the history, what went before, that has me enthralled.

I am ‘of ‘ this place, and it is so much ‘of ‘ me,

this continuing story of my family tree.

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8 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Home, Homeland, Hjem”

  1. A beautifully written poem, Amanda, and an equally stunning photograph. You obviously feel an enormous pull towards Scandinavia. I love the word, hjem. 🙂

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      1. I get the feeling you wouldn’t relocate, though. You’re too stronly attached to Australia, I think. Like you, I feel a great pull to Scandinavia … but unlike you, I have no family ties there. Holidays it is then … 🙂


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