Phoneography and other NonSLR device Challenge – Nature

Orchid smallMacro entry for Lens and Pens Phoneography from Sally

Each Monday Sally gives us a weekly topic that inspires us to take photos with our phone cameras. I use a Nexus 4

This orchid, thrives on neglect. I do nothing to it, and it is hopelessly rootbound, but still it flowers every year. The blooms last for almost six weeks. I don’t know the scientific name, it is a hybrid plant I got over 25 years ago from an orchid nursery close to my home.

I find it hard to go past natural flora as a subject, for macro photography, as it highlights many details not seen by the naked eye, and allows us into the inner world of the flower, or perhaps the perspective of an insect.

Macro photography – Something to Ponder About


19 thoughts on “Phoneography and other NonSLR device Challenge – Nature”

  1. By now your orchid is like a family friend, blooming to bring conversation and then quietly retreating for silent display. It’s lovely and I like your perspective that make me feel a little like an insect ready to enjoy the nectar. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. Orchids are my favorite too. They want to be pot bound and neglected. I only have a cymbidium
    that gives me one ore two spikes. It looks as if there may be three spikes this coming spring because it made 3 new plants this summer.

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  3. A great macro shot. Love how you can see the detail all over the petals. That is one tough orchid you have, blooming for you each year for so many years. It must like you a lot, maybe you shower it with lots of water and love.

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  4. An absolutely beautiful orchid, Amanda, and a wonderful photo of it. Whatever you’re doing to it by ignoring it, it obviously seems to like it 🙂
    I’ve just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Of course, I’d love you to do it, but there’s no obligation to do so. 🙂


      1. I didn’t think you had this award, Amanda, and I couldn’t see anywhere on your blog that said you were ‘Award Free.’ I’d love you to accept, of course – I love your blog – but naturally, it’s up to you. 🙂


  5. No, my blog is not award free. Like the versatile blogger award you gave me, I do not expect people to pass it on, but accept it graciously in the spirit you gave it to me. It is very lovely to have awards bestowed on my blog. Thank you, again.


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