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Photo101 – Connect

How best to portray the word Connect in images?


The residents of Christiania, in Denmark, connect, ‘because they all shall go the same way’; they want to live outside the system and follow the same path.

IMG_0107 (Small)Some other ways to Connect, is via the rather old fashioned way of post!

IMG_0106 (Small) Blogging is a way of connecting too…. I met Scrapydotwo when I visited New Zealand, we connected and felt a special kinship.

The heart is a fun photographic technique where we slowed the shutter speed of the SLR camera right down to almost connect a heart.

rocketmailboxA rather unusual way to Connect through the mail!

Photo 101 is pondering connections today


10 thoughts on “Photo101 – Connect”

  1. Very good interpretation of the theme. I love the shadow of two hands connecting. Many greetings from Sweden, just across the strait from Denmark (where some of your pictures are from). Even though I think you are on the other side of the planet?

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    1. Thank so much and Yes, I am on the other side of the world Christina, and lovely of you to pop over here. If you visit again, you will probably notice I have a interest in all things Scandinavian, owing to my heritage. I have another one or two bloggers in my community from your neck of the woods!!

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  2. Awesome photos to illustrate that single word. Is the heart pic done with a torch? I noted what you said about shutter speeds in a comment, above. It’s like the shapes children make with sparklers on Bonfire Night here – but to capture the shape on camera is vey clever. 🙂


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