Travel theme – Spring

Where’s My Backpack has a travel themed photographic challenge – titled “Spring” – but at home it is still summer, and heading (hopefully) towards the cooler autumnal soon!sandane (Small)

My photo comes from Sandane, Norway, last Spring. I hear Norwegians and other Scandinavians often complaining all winter how  Spring feels so far away.

The light on the furthest shore teases, promising a Springtime almost within reach, whilst the mountaintops sing a different tune, of a winter not entirely finished its annual performance.

Then suddenly…. Spring!!

IMG_7051 (Small)


and the earth smiles in flowers

Something to Ponder About


28 thoughts on “Travel theme – Spring”

        1. I haven’t been to England so I can only compare what I have seen on the media. For the natural scenery Norway has no comparison, (not even New Zealand, as some suggest), and Denmark has such a neatness and historic feel, mixed with a modern edge, and then there is the forests and rocky outcrops of Sweden, ( and Finland ). Iceland is in a category of scenery all of its own. I hope you get there sooner too, Millie.

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          1. We spent several weeks in Denmark doing research for my book, but that’s all. I really want to see so much more but have to fit things in with other holidays planned for this year. Thank you, Amanda. 🙂

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  1. The pictures are taken in Norway so it is lupins, but they don’t grow wild. They are sowed by the road administration and are spreading so fast that they are starting to become quite a problem 😉


    1. Oh, thanks for that, Ted. It sounds like something commendable that a road authority would take the time to do that, but sad that it is becoming a biological menace. We live in delicate ecosystems and man’s interference often upsets the natural balance.


          1. You can change it monthly? Or when you feel like the other one put it on.(Easy to say but it may help)


            1. Yes now you are talking. One of the blogs I follow does it like that. One day there was a photo on and I wanted to know where it was taken. Do you think I could find the right one? Not at all. Very interesting

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