Phoneography Challenge – Challenger’s Choice (Abstraction – Poinciana)


PicsArt_1427161769627 (Small)Poinciana Abstraction – Through the Nexus 4 HDR editing tool, then Picsart (app)

Enhancement of the colour gradient tool and Holga effect.

Challengers Choice – Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge – check out more here

The pastels I used in this effect, deliberately distracted me from the familiar, bright orange of the Poinciana in full bloom. Rather, my head was filled with other associations when viewing this photograph. The delicate blue made me visualise a mirror with heavy scalloped edging reminiscent of 1940/50’s decor!

How about you?

I would be interested in hearing if the image prompted different feelings for you?

Something for you to ponder about.

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  1. Amanda, what I enjoyed the most about your images is the layering of meaning. Somewhat as you implied in your description. It sparks the notion that Mother Nature is a treasure trove of sometime simple but mostly complicated flora and fauna. Happy Photo Challenge.

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