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Environmental Catastrophe – can it be averted?

The tsunami that destroyed much of the Fukashima nuclear plants in Japan, led to an environmental catastrophe that has set in train a lethal juggernaut of biblical proportions. American has 23 of the same kind of Nuclear reactors (made by General Electric).

Do you eat fish or sushi imported from Japan? This fish is radioactive and every minute 102_0218amounts of this can and does cause not just genetic mutations, but a multitude of cancers. Hilary Clinton signed an agreement to continue importing fish products from Japan into the United States after the Fukashima disaster. So I have to ask you do you eat fish/sushi? You may not after watching this video.

Everyone, especially those in America and the Northern hemisphere needs to be especially aware of this problem. Helen Caldicott is a Paediatrician and author and understands the many complexities of this issue and the potential dangers for every human.

Helen claims another Japanese earthquake could result in the collapse of the Fukashima No 4 reactor and the radiation then released would be the equivalent of detonation of 14,000 Hiroshima sized bombs. The radiation would then move with the wind currents, westward to eastward, around the northern hemisphere.(i.e. heading for the United States). In the event of another nuclear accident at Fukishima, the safest place is the southern hemisphere is Australia and New Zealand, as the two hemispheric air masses do not mix.  And Australia and New Zealand  have NO nuclear reactors. Yet Australia sits on 1/3 of the world’s Uranium supply and it was Australian uranium in the Fukashima reactor!

But we live in the one world, so no one country is really safe from the long lived arm of radioactive waste and contaminants. Once radiation gets into the food chain, it intensified with each step and thus those (like us), at the top of the chain, are doomed to feel its full effects as it enters the world’s ocean, fish, birds, plants, animals and ultimately, us.

Mutations are already appearing in plants, animals and people after Fukashima and they don’t disappear after one generation:

What can WE do?

Initiate action to make your governments and communities aware. Write letters, to politicians, post to social media or add blog posts, spread the word about this issue, as hardly anyone is aware of the real extent and pervasiveness of this problem.

Promote renewable energy in your own life.

Keep a stock of Potassium iodide tablets handy in case of contamination. This will help protect your Thyroid.

Be a leader: Love our Planet, care for our world. Think of the longer term. What will be our legacy to future generations? Will there be future generations?

An informed democracy will behave in a responsible fashion – Jefferson

This is our chance to save our planet. This is something we should ponder and read more about:


2 thoughts on “Environmental Catastrophe – can it be averted?”

  1. Two plus two will always equal four. The mystery to be solved is not within hysteria, but sits simply and reasonably with the lack of noise since the disaster. It is as if Japan already fell off of the map. No one in the media speaks about the ongoing disaster. And it is ongoing. The level of radiation a person continues to receive, in the city of Tokyo, alone, on a daily basis is mind-staggering. We don’t need to panic about The Ring of Fire and the next land shift. We need to feverishly work toward disarming the nuclear disaster on a molecular level.


    1. I think that is a big problem. They have tried several things, none of which is guaranteed to work. It is new frontiers here. And shocking that the Japanese employ mentally ill and alcoholics to work in the clean up. And it appears that Japan is not going to publicize it. According to Helen Caldicott, they already cover up the number of aborted pregnancies due to defects thought to be from radioactive damage

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