Photo Challenge – Vivid


Street photography makes vivid the boring neighbourhood scene – Graffiti art at a fish and chip shop and railway subway – Slideshow presentation

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graffitiart (Small)

More vivid murals here

and I also like to be vivid in my painting – Highly saturated clean colour appeals to the eye



Something Vivid to Ponder about


12 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Vivid

  1. Yes, you are so right. We have to find beauty wherever it shows up. In the most unexpected places we can see and find beauty. I love street art. Thanks for the presentation. A great fish as well!

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  2. So colourful and creative! The fish is quite awesome, as is the rest of the steet art. Your own art is pretty fantastic, too. Great photographs of them all – they really answer the challenge title of Vivid.

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  3. Beautiful graffiti. Makes the place look pleasant and inviting too. Your painting is really vivid. I love it!


      1. Yes, same here. There are still some “children” who do some extra graffiti on top of the neat one.


      2. It is the custom here not to spoil or draw/paint upon another artists work. So if they paint the subways using paid graffiti artists, they remain much neater and prettier


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