Around the World in Doors – WPC

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door.”Photo101

Executioners Door Melbourne Prison
A different type of door – The Netherlands
To Akaroa.... a hidden diamond
New Zealand
Christchurch before the Quake....
Christchurch before the Quake….

Something to Ponder About


14 thoughts on “Around the World in Doors – WPC”

  1. Many doors are now made of veneered chip board and when water gets into it they swell up and rot. The lovely doors above tell a story. Modern doors just look bland but do function in shutting out or in, a space.

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    1. The doors of the modern age will wither and rot. They will no longer be around in 100 years and I guess that is not altogether bad. Yet I wonder what will doors be like in 100 years…some kind of polymer?


  2. A beautiful collection of doors, Amanda. I love the wooden ones with the ornate carvings, but I also think the decorated one from the Netherlands is fabulous. Doors nowadays just ‘ain’t what they used ti be’!

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  3. Hello again, Amanda. I’ve just nominated you for the Premio Dardos award. I’m not sure whether your blog is now award free, but if it isn’t and you accept this one, the rules are on my last post. There are no questions to answer or questions to write for this.


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