Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Reykjavik, Iceland

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object on my blog.

I encourage you to leave a comment, if you think you might know where this week’s mystery photo, was taken. If you guess correctly, I will credit you the following week and post a link to your site/blog. Guest contributions are always welcome.

MM3rdAugust15Where in the world is this fabulous castle located? mmphotoaug10Last week we were in cold and frosty Reykjavik, Iceland, guessed by Gerard from the thoroughly entertaining Oosterman Treats Blog and also Susie, from The Secret Knowledge of Spaces who knew it was Scandinavia, but wasn’t quite convinced it was Iceland! You were correct, Susie! It was Iceland and the most populated part.

mmaug3Reykjavik is a small, cosmopolitan city and tourists come moreoften to see the gushing waterfalls, geysers and spectacular, volcanic scenery Iceland is famous for. Reykjavik itself, has many museums of note, particularly interesting if you relish Viking history, and the imposing Hallgrimskirkja cathedral, Blue lagoon (actually at Keflavik)  and rotating glass dome of ‘Perlan’ are “must-sees.”

The city comes alive, especially at night, apparent even in winter, as Geo-thermal pipes running underneath the public footpaths, supply renewable energy to  the buildings and thus ensure that public areas are kept snow and ice free at all times.

There is a special light, in Iceland, in winter, a delicate eggshell blue, often on the horizon, that I have not noticed in other parts of the world, and I would so enjoy the chance to visit this amazing country again. Here is what I mean:


My thanks must go the the very kind blogger, Drake, for this week’s guest photograph contribution and indeed his series of Monday mystery photos, posted here over recent weeks. Drake’s blog, Ledrakenoir is  definitely worth checking out, not least because of his beautiful photographs from many places around the world, but often interesting dialogue.

If you have a photograph you think would mystify readers of “Something to Ponder About,”  please do drop me an email or leave a comment indicating this, below. Guest contributions are very welcome and you will receive credit and link backs to your blog.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Reykjavik, Iceland

  1. Eek so it WAS Iceland! I have even been there but I was very jet lagged for this part 🙂 Okay, this week’s is harder, but based on the gable I’ll hazard a guess: Netherlands?

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    1. Excellent try! You are pretty close but it is not Dutch! Jet lag does do strange things to one’s body, so it is little wonder you were confused, and it was probably the only really populated part of Reykjavik, so an easy mistake to make.

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