Monday Mystery Photo – Last week Mt Cook, New Zealand

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object on my blog. I encourage you to leave a comment, if you think you might know where this mystery photo, was taken. If you guess correctly, I will credit you the following week and post a link to your site/blog. Guest contributions are always welcome. Simply drop me an email or leave a comment indicating you would like to submit a photograph.

MMP Sept 14Where in the world is this structure located?

Last week’s Monday Mystery photo, as Drake cleverly pointed out, was photographed in New Zealand at Mt Cook, or Aoraki, as it is known to the native or Maori people. Gerard quickly identified the statue to be that of the first man to successfully reach the summit of Everest, an accomplished mountaineer, by the name of Sir Edmund Hillary.


[On 29 May 1953, Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. They were part of the ninth British expedition to Everest, led by John Hunt.] Source: Wikipedia

Hillary visited my primary school a few years after his incredible achievement, much to the delight of me and my school friends. He didn’t inspire me to become a mountaineer, but he did inspire me to develop an intense interest and love for Nepal, which continues today.

Lunch with Edmund Hilary at 760 metres at MT Cook /Aoraki

Mt Cook itself before the clouds moved in

The great mountain itself and its awe-inspiring reflection in the glass window of the Hermitage hotel’s dining room, adjacent to where the statue is located.

Lunch with Edmund Hilary at 760 metres at MT Cook /Aoraki

No doubt many will continue to ponder the great debate about who it was that actually took the first step on the summit of Everest, Tenzing Sherpa or Hillary, but to me they are both heroes worthy of the honour of conquering the world’s tallest peak!

Monday Mystery Photo

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