Day 6 : POSSIBLE 31 Days of Free Writes

This challenge is to write freely for five minutes without editing – on the topics listed on the landing page (link provided below) – Not as easy as you think……

Day 6  – Possible 

Anything is possible they tell you. Well frankly, anything isn’t always possible. You can not sing opera if you have never been trained nor have any musical ability. You can’t travel the world if  you don’t have money for a ticket.  Mind you the internet is giving us a fair go at redressing this imbalance.

So what do you do to achieve your dream if it can’t be done? There are many ways around a problem and the solutions, albeit not perfect, can still be found. Thinking laterally, or outside the box, is a way to find a creative alternative solution. And every solution is different.

It is hard to see that things are possible if you have a pessimistic mindset or if you are young. The young people are taught to obey adults, do what they are told, or else face punishment or at least a consequence.  In the long run, how much of these conformist actions stifle creative thoughts?

On my tombstone, perhaps they will write: Everything fairly mediocre, with occasional splashes of brilliance.

And I am cool with that.  After all, anything is possible.

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Possibly something to ponder about?


10 thoughts on “Day 6 : POSSIBLE 31 Days of Free Writes”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. My dream is to write a book but what if I can’t, what will that mean? Or what if I can but it’s rubbish? How will I feel then? I think it’s an interesting question to ponder 🙂


    1. Tara, you should absolutely go for your dream. Your writing is always entertaining and highly readable. There are many, many books out there now, and I think there is an avenue for any good story that is in your heart/head. Ineke at Iscrap2 has just published an online book of short stories. You never know until you try! The fact that you have been thinking about it, means it must be written! (A bit of Jostein Gaardner’s philosophy coming through there). Have you ever read Sophie’s World?


  2. I like the way you play on the idea of our dreams. We all have them, dreams and aspirations, right from being young children. And they persist right through life. I agree that the saying ‘Anything is possibel’ isn’t totally correct. As you nicely explain, not everything is possible. But we can aim for things within our own capabilities and aim to do (or to be) the very best we can. Or we can attempt new skills and see where that takes us. Another thoughtful and thought-provoking write in 5 minutes!


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