Five Minutes of Free Writing – Day 7 Love

This challenge is to write freely for five minutes without editing – on the topics listed on the landing page (link provided below) – one topic each day for 31 days.

Not as easy aswpid-wp-1443948548820.jpeg you think……


I have spoken before about the basic human needs of love and affection being as important as food and shelter, so today I will talk about who/what I love.

  1. Family – when it comes down to it, immediate family are the only people you can ever begin to rely on to be there for you and love you back. It is way too much expectation to place on extended family, at least from my experience, so count on immediate family only. But, this does include the family pet, as it is kind of his/her job, isn’t it?
  2. Home – I have made it my sanctuary, and whilst far from perfect, it is a little oasis filled with mementos and memories, that mean so much to me. Home equates to security.
  3. Travel – to Scandinavia or the beach in particular. Being close to gentle, lapping water can be so therapeutic, and the Scandinavian climate, landscape and scenery are so unique, I feel a special affinity to them.
  4. Painting and traditional art/craft forms – primarily Norwegian Rosemaling and simple renaissance baroque folk art. I am a rosemaler, did I mention that?
  5. Food – Seafood, (who doesn’t love it?), pastries, berries, and bread – need I say more?
  6. Books and Reading – for entertainment and learning ( see #7) Nothing like a good murder mystery – fictional, of course.
  7. Learning new things – Change is inevitable part of life, and we have to keep up. It is not always nice, but it does afford us the opportunity to discover and to re-invent.
  8. Friends – who could live without good friends, in whatever form they take?
  9. Walking in the Early Morning – especially if there is light rain/mist or fog! ( we so rarely have it in my realms, so to me it is special and I just love it.
  10. Forests – essential, absolutely essential, period!
  11. Baking home made treats for my family and friends – see #5 above
  12. Recycling and up-cycling – it is good for the planet
  13. Photography – it freezes that special moment in time for later contemplation
  14. Flowers – they make me happy
  15. Laughing – so good for your health

More days here

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What do you love? What you love is a large part of who you are. That’s really something to ponder about

7 thoughts on “Five Minutes of Free Writing – Day 7 Love”

  1. Great to see you again Amanda and I see I’ve missed a lot as well. I am doing my best to try and catch up, but it’s difficult. πŸ˜€

    Great points you’ve added here and all I agree with, except that I am not good at travelling. I would love to, but in a motorhome. I see you also love the rain, mist/fog. I love it as well. My home and family is my sanctuary and all my friends live in my computer. LOL!

    Flowers do tend to make me happy as well and taking photos of the beauty as I see it, makes me happy as well. Your flower shot is so beautiful. Love the different angle. πŸ˜€ β™₯

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sonel and I agree it takes a good bit of time to read all the blog posts. Some times I can read loads, and other times, not many at all. Don’t feel you have to meet all the demands. I still feel guilty about not reading all the blog posts of the blogs I follow, but I have to work at least 3/4 of the week! And we all need to find that balance between blogging and life. We all just need to feel content with our best efforts and then let it go from there. I am glad you have visited me here and I can see that you think along the same lines as me in many respects. Unfortunately my husband is a bit like you in that he is not a fan of traveling, so I often have to go alone, or with one of my children. But at least we can travel in the virtual sense anytime! Thanks for the lovely compliment on my photo. It was taken in Norway and that azure blue was so striking! I am off now to check out your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It sure does Amanda and some days I also don’t have much to say either. Sometimes there’s no need to say anything and I’ve given up on feeling guilty about not getting to all the blogs I wanted to go to. I’ve also had to follow the ones I used to follow from scratch again and lost quite a few, but I am glad I found you again. πŸ™‚

        It’s the same here as well. I don’t work out of home but at home there are quite a lot to do and I do all my housework myself. I also fell about 2 weeks ago and hurt my hands and knees badly, so it’s going slowly now. This heat we have here also makes me irritable but I am trying to cope with it all without being a grump. LOL!

        I agree with you there. We do need to find that balance but when it comes to blogging I think I am failing. I do what I can though. πŸ˜€

        I am grateful for the virtual travelling. It’s much cheaper as well. hahahah.

        You’re very welcome and that is one place I would like to visit. Thanks for sharing the beauty. πŸ˜€ β™₯


        1. Norway is a spectacular destination and you won’t find too much of the dreaded heat there. I can totally relate to the feelings of irritability on hot, humid days. There is not a lit we can do about the weather! Unless we can be in air conditioning!! I hope your knee heals up well. Try to keep cool! ❀

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          1. Oh, I know. I think it would be the perfect weather for me. πŸ˜€

            It does suck, but it’s no use in complaining. It’s nature.

            Luckily I do have the pool here and we do not use aircons. Those things are very bad for sinuses, but we do have ceiling fans. They do help a little bit. πŸ™‚

            Thanks. It is doing well and I am just glad I didn’t break anything.

            You must have a lovely day. πŸ˜€ β™₯


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