Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: The Streets

Challenger’s choice over at Sally D’s Phoneography Blog this week and I have some recent Street /Night Photographic phone photos that I think worthy of posting.

I have chosen some night photography scene of the streets. Such a lovely warm pre – summer Monday night, perfect for a stroll after dinner.The streets were relatively but not spookily quiet. One can always window shop and spot the early Xmas decorations, before the silly season and extended shopping hours starts.


I edited the photo with Picsart  and quite liked the effect of the bathroom window filter, as it adds an almost forbidden, voyeuristic atmosphere, as if one is peering out to a world one normally can’t or shouldn’t access.

2015-11-27 08.26.39-01

The streets in November are dotted with lilac carpets, from the flowering Jacaranda trees. Such incredible beauty and blaze of colour, I could not resist, and so am posting another photos where I have used post-processed effects, and this time with Snapseed. Playing around with shadows, I found the blackened trunk seemed much more defined with this adjustment and a little added sharpening.

I love the surreal nature of the following photograph and the contrast of the lilac flowers against the purple sky. Nature has such harmony in colour.

2015-11-27 08.26.39Do you think it could benefit from cropping to improve composition?


Join in with Sally’s weekly phoneography challenge here where you will not only excellent photography and tips but this profound quote:

Joyously or not the photograph becomes the source of reality, but it can also become a dreamlike force for interpretation. So if photography is memory, then the image is the moment–a moment of sanctuary in a lifetime of them.


Something to ponder about


19 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: The Streets

    • Thanks so much, Andy. Your comment is very much appreciated! I often marvel at the way, when I paint, I find it so difficult to choose the right colour to use that will harmonize with the other colours in the painting, yet, in Nature, there is boundless inspiration and it always blends!

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      • Nature is an amazing thing Amanda, shapes, patterns, colours the list goes on and on, and it all combines in perfect harmony, it’s fascinating how that happens 🙂 Then us humans come along, and spoil everything 😦
        Thankfully Amanda, you don’t fit into that group of ‘us humans’ – you’re one of the ‘good, thoughtful and caring humans’ 🙂


    • How poetic, Sally! The layers of stories that occur during night life. Such apt words, and spot on. That was the direction I was thinking for that photo. I guess I can be happy that I seem to have achieved that! Do you often use this kind of effect, Sally? And if so, when?


      • Amanda, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’ve never used that form of post processing. I tend to have favorites, and am trying to develop a style of post processing (that is, when I do use apps). It’s been something on my mind for some time.


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  2. I love the way you’ve edited the first photo – it really is very effective with all the lights behind it. And what can I say about those wonderful Jacaranda trees? They are incredibly beautiful and your photos capture them well.
    I chuckled at your description of the Christmas season. ‘Silly’ is such an appropriate word for it.


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  4. Thanks so much for the follow on my blog. Most appreciated. You have a wonderful collection here of things to ponder about. Lots for me to enjoy—and ponder. Thanks.


  5. Your folk art pages are amazing, but I can’t seem to leave comments on them. I’ll be passing on the urls for your blog and your website to a friend of mine who does folk art. I’m sure she’ll find a lot of inspiration even if she isn’t Scandinavian. 🙂


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