Quotes Challenge – Week 3

quotes Challenge
This is the final week of the Quotes Challenge wherein I listed 3 quotes and nominated three other bloggers to participate, with no obligations, of course.


“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”Bill Gates

graffitiart (Small)

I like the fact that Bill Gates turns this into a positive and not a negative. He almost welcomes criticism.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

–Charles Darwin


An interesting quote because it is a cliché that it evolution theory is “survival of the fittest” – whereas Darwin himself point out that may not be the fittest, but the most RESPONSIVE or adaptable to change. Change is an inevitable part of our dynamic world.

Those who resist change are seldom happy.

And the final quotes in this challenge, I feel is a controversial one. Do you agree with the comedian and writer, Spike Milligan?

“We are destroying childhood.” – Spike Milligan

The final three nominees, (by coincidence, all happen to be men), for this challenge are:

Oosterman Treats Blog


Fife’s Photos and Art

 Please also note that I dislike the term, “Rules,” and so have also customized this aspect of the challenge.

Quotes Challenge Rules – Guidelines



The rules  guidelines are simple:

  • Post three different quotes on consecutive days/weeks. They can be from any source, or your own.  All three quotes can be of a similar theme or can all be completely different/unconnected
  • I am going to post three quotes on each of the three posts, one post per week, but that is my variation on this challenge
  • Nominate 3 people for the challenge.  [ In doing this, I just wish to highlight their blog and place no pressure nor expectation that they need to accept or pass on the challenge.
  • N.B. My variation is that I am going to incrementally nominate bloggers for this challenge, but do not feel bound to follow my example.]

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Quotes give us profound words to Ponder About


11 thoughts on “Quotes Challenge – Week 3”

  1. I think Spike Milligan have a good point here – often either too little attention, or so too much attention – let childhood be childhood and prepared instead the children by giving them the tools to handle the challenges themselves – positive or negative as they will meet on their way through life.

    Thanks a lot, Amanda – like when you do challenge me… 😀

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    1. Always happy to throw out a challenge to you, Drake!! And I think you have made a good point here. I was only thinking recently that when children are not made to do chores around the house, or take responsibilities for something, meals, or animal care, getting themselves off to school etc.they are protected from making mistakes and “stuffing up.” And thus they miss the opportunity to solve problems that arise in the course of life. So then they become adults, leave home, and suddenly, something goes wrong and they fall to pieces because they are usually “saved” from this by their caring family……( I am not saying I have never done this myself, but try hard to make my kids self -reliant, as much as they complain when I get them to do jobs around the house.

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  2. “Illan virkku, aamun torkku”, If you stay up late, you’re sleepy in the morning.

    “Ahkeruus kovan onnen voittaa.” Literal translation: “Diligence vanquishes hard luck.”
    The above are Finnish sayings.

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