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CFFC- Blue and Purple Flowers

This photo challenge spoke to me, and after a quick flick through my media library, I realize they do attract my attention wherever I am!

I hope these images give your eyes Something beautiful to Ponder About

In my garden
Ethereal Water Lilly
Noosa, Australia


Blue and Purple Flowers that I have in my garden and seen on my travels in New Zealand, Australia, Italy and Norway.

[Click on the individual image for a link to the media file]

More details  from Cee’s page here



25 thoughts on “CFFC- Blue and Purple Flowers”

        1. It was a pretty sight Lina, it is just a shame that it is so transient. We have to enjoy them while they are blooming and I long to sit outside in the garden resting my eyes on the colours. Do you have a garden?

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            1. No I’m not so good at gardening! I have a hibiscus, 2 rose plants and some other shrubs. A Money plant. I grow mustard and methi(fenugreek)


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