WPress Challenge – Guernica by Andrea Heiberg


We are hell bent on building walls……

IMG_20150502_144307Walls that take us on a desolate and dying path to nowhere…..

In an increasingly unpredictable and uncertain world, Andrea has so succinctly written how many feel in their hearts.
Inspiration for Daily Post.


Something to Ponder About


I am not a silent poet

A foreigner said to me
Fish or cat?

Who am I to tell him
we are watching Picasso and
man is no fish
neither are we cats
mice perhaps.

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15 thoughts on “WPress Challenge – Guernica by Andrea Heiberg”

    1. I sit up in Denmark and am so honoured. To think that I might inspire someone who sits in Australia. How happy can I be?

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  1. Gerard, I guess that we are just as happy as you. I have heard about this nonsense but who are we to generalisize?

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    1. For as long as I can remember having heard of this quiz, Denmark has rated highly, usually first for the happiest country. However, it is more skewed towards how the citizens feel about their country, rather than their individual rates of happiness. I don’t think anyone takes these “quizzes” very seriously, Andrea.

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    2. Yes, each year they come up with some kind of list who are the happiest. Happiness is greatly overrated. Why not just accept how you feel? Sometimes ‘happy’ sometimes a little less ‘happy’, but, mainly content and interested in others and the world we live in.

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      1. Well said, Gerard. Someone even wrote a book about The Happiness Trap, discussing the expectations that we all must feel happy all the time and aspire to that. But is it realistic?


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