Monday Mystery Photo – Last time – Argentina

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object. I encourage you to leave a comment if you think you might know where this week’s mystery photograph was taken, or what it is. If you guess correctly, I will credit you the following week and post a link to your site/blog.Monday Mystery

If you have a great photo that you think could mystify my readers, drop me an email or leave a comment indicating you would like to submit your photograph to Monday Mystery Photo as guest contributions are always welcome.

Here is this week’s photograph with grateful thanks from Dr. L. Peach –

MMP april 4

Last time, I presented the final photo, (seen below), from the series from SnowMeltsSomewhere. The location of the photo was the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego, in Southern Argentina) with the background showing the snow-capped Martial Mountains.   This was an excellent photograph that even had some MMP Veterans confused.  It could have been Iceland, or Norway, but after much deliberation,   Millie who guessed correctly.Great effort, Millie!



Monday Mystery Photograph gives you Something to Ponder About



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Scandinavian culture, literature and traditions are close to my heart, even though I am Australian. I have Scandinavian, Frisian and Prussian/Silesian ancestry and for that reason, I feel a connection with that part of the world. I am an avid Nordic Crime fiction reader, and enjoy photography, writing and a variety of cooking and crafts, and traditional decorative art forms. Politically aware and egalitarian by nature, I have a strong environmental bent.
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26 Responses to Monday Mystery Photo – Last time – Argentina

  1. Forbidden city, Beijing?

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  2. So, I get to be on the guessing side now 😉 Hmm. Shanghai, China? I once visited the old town there. Of course it could also be anywhere else in Asia. It’s a gorgeous photo and building, by the way!

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  3. milliethom says:

    This is a very beautiful pagoda and, I’d say, very old. At the moment I can only guess broadly at either China or Japan, which isn’t a lot of use. I can see it’s a square based one – which again, hardly narrows it down. Another one to keep me pondering over. It’s an amazing photo! 🙂

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  4. I would say, it is a temple but definitely not in Italy or Chile. Is it in Beijing?

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  5. Sonel says:

    What a gorgeous shot Amanda! It looks like the Great Opera Hall at the Summer Palace in Beijing, China. Such fascinating architecture. 😀 ♥

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  6. ledrakenoir says:

    If it isn’t from The forbidden City so it’s very very similar to the architecture there… 🙂

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