What’s for Dinner? – Salmon [Fiesta Friday]

I think it must be a common family scenario, but I’m not sure?

Location: A suburban family kitchen. Time: 5pm, any day of the week. The pantry door swings open and shut several times; a low groan is emitted from a junior family member, quickly followed by a, “There’s nothing to eat,” kind of mantra.  As the cook of the house, my first reaction, to hearing this mantra, is to ignore it and keep working. I find that is best.

But as each family member wanders into the kitchen, clearly starving and desperate for a crumb of sustenance after a long day at work, my resolve wavers.  Collectively, their next move is to inspect the pantry, a second time, with the due diligence of police detectives at a crime scene, and it is then they hit me with the ‘kicker’, that eternal question, the one that makes me inwardly cringe………..

This is me inwardly cringing
This is me inwardly cringing

“What’s for dinner, Mum?”

And it is not only them. So attuned to hearing the ‘What’s for dinner?’ mantra, the canine members of my family become edgy at this hour too, and begin to pace up and down at the kitchen entrance, chiming in, in their own special way, to pressure me for food.

It is at this point, I have to steel myself and feign deafness, [clearly unsuccessfully], as I am always asked a second time, a little more urgently, “Hey, Mum. What’s for dinner?”

“Salmon,” I have to say, on this particular day, albeit through slightly gritted teeth, to which the response is anything from a contorted grimace, (coming from the fish-hating child), to unenthusiastic moans/yawns from the adolescent man-child/children.



It may be the ‘Steak and three veg’ of the hipster movement,  and it’s almost certainly still a popular dinner for both the weight-conscious and the seafood lovers of the world, but in my family, salmon is, ostensibly, boring and unappetizing, for dinner. [I can’t understand this, myself.] Now, thanks to a dear friend sharing her treasured family recipe with me, I can serve a seriously good Salmon Pie, that effectively nips the ‘What’s for Dinner’ groans, in the bud.

I hope you feel tempted to try it for yourself. It may just be something you ponder about for dinner.

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Salmon Pie

[Salmon is considered by some to one of the world’s healthiest foods, and contains Vitamin B12, D, Niacin, Omega -3 fatty acids, Phosphorus and Vitamin B6]

To make the Pie Crust:

1 and 1/2 cups of Plain All Purpose Flour

1/2 Teaspoon Paprika

1 cup Grated Cheese (I use tasty)

125 g Butter


Rub butter into flour, until it is well mixed. It should still be crumbly at this point, not mixed up together into a dough*

*[A food processor is the easiest way to do this, especially if the butter has not yet softened].

Press 3/4 of this mix into a greased pie dish with your fingers, to form the base and sides of the pie. Reserve the remaining 1/4 of the mix for the topping.

Pie Filling:

220 grams Salmon (flaked and boned)

I Onion, finely chopped

3 Eggs

375 g Sour Cream

1/2 cup Grated Cheese

2 drops Tabasco Sauce (optional)

Combine all the filling ingredients together in a large bowl and pour on top of the base.

Crumble the remaining 1/4 of  the pie crust mix over the pie filling.

Bake for 40 – 50 minutes at 180° Celsius or until slightly browned.

Allow to cool and serve warm with a Garden/Greek salad or cold.


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33 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner? – Salmon [Fiesta Friday]”

    1. It’s always nice to treat yourself every once and a while, with having a kid we put their interest in front of our own, but go ahead and get your pie. I came across your blog and I would really appreciate your review on a few of my stories, the topics are a little edgy but i just want honest feedback, and you seem like a honest blogger, check it out of you ever have the time, gastradamus.

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    1. I’ve never tried fried salmon, but it sounds fantastic, I must say that I love the sound of that. Fried foods are always the best. If you could review or comment on my stories on my blog, gastradamus, then I would be really happy, you would make my day. I want the opinion of people who aren’t afraid to say that they love fried food.


  1. Salmon Pie. That is quite a recipe. Many thanks for your friend. Sorry to hear that salmon by itself tends to be boring in your household. When my mum comes over, she likes to fry a piece of salmon and my family shares it at the dinner table. It really is good stuff whichever way you cook it.

    Generally, most days I start to get antsy about dinner around 3pm. When I am not working or am not catching up with anyone, I like to eat dinner around 4.30pm. So cooking for me usually starts at 4pm 🙂 I tend to cook food in bulk on weekends, though, for weekday dinners 😀

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    1. I agree with you. Salmon is perfect any which way. It is just a shame my family beg to differ!! It is funny you talk about having dinner earlier as I prefer to do this or at least have a very late lunch as I get older. What time do you eat lunch, Mabel?


      1. On a work day, I have lunch around 1.30pm. If it’s on a weekend, then probably around 11.30am or noon. Generally I prefer small lunches and have a bigger dinners.


        1. Ah, that is why you feel hungry late afternoon, a smaller lunch. This was the way I ate until I got older and now it has switched around. I eat larger meals through the day, later or earlier, and then a light snack fro dinner when I am relaxing more and not expending so much energy. Sometimes I don’ t get lunch at all
          (too hectic at work), and then it is a combined meal at 4 pm.

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  2. We eat salmon twice a week. We simply fry the salmon for about four minutes each side. and usually combine this with blanched bok choy and the simple potato with fried onion. I love the crispy skin. A quick and uncomplicated, yet very tasty meal.

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  3. What is that a keesh, that looks amazing. I need the people that enjoy eating to check out my pieces. Please come to my blog on gastradamus and check out my work. I can tell you can review, and i would honestly appreciate some input on someone who writes with style


      1. Yes please do, I need a women’s perspective on all of my stories. They really are fun reads. My blog is starting to get some good traffic, so the sooner the better. I would like someone to leave a comment about what they truly believe about my stories, they may be touchy issues, but things need to be accounted for. I bet you make good lobster bisc, you seem like a bisc lady.

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