Monday Mystery Photo – Last week Whitby, U.K.

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object. I do encourage you to leave a comment if you think you might know where this week’s mystery photograph is located, or what it is.

MMP March28
Can you identify the location of these mystery photographs?

If you guess the location of the above photographs correctly, I will credit you the following week and post a link to your site/blog.

Last week the Mystery Photo was taken by Millie Thom at Whitby Harbour, UK with Whitby Abbey in the background. Gerard, Drake and Ted were the quickest off the mark to tell me it was the town of Whitby in the UK. Not ever having visited the town myself, I have to trust Ted that it is on the Yorkshire coast, which I am sure it is.

Interestingly, there is two other Whitby towns in the world. Captain James Cook would indeed be pleased!!! One Whitby is located in Canada, [thanks TidiousTed], and the other  is located in New Zealand, not far from Wellington, the capital city. However, one might imagine it looks vastly different from its British namesake, although it doesn’t have a harbor.

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** Please note that Monday Mystery Photo will likely be in recess for most of the 2016 European summer. Please let me know if you would like to take the task on as MMP guest writer, for several weeks during mid June-July.  ***


19 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Last week Whitby, U.K.

  1. Yes, Whitby is a fishing town on the Yorkshire coast and is most famous for the abbey on top of the cliffs. It is also where Captain James Cook lived for a time, although he was born thirty miles away. There is a Memorial Museum dedicated to Cook in the town, which we visited some years ago. Whitby is a quaint ‘olde-worlde’ town and very popular with tourists, most of whom head for one of the famous fish and chip restaurants there.
    Sorry I’m late with this, Amanda. I was away for a week and am still trying to catch up with myself.


    1. Not a problem Millie. It is always interesting finding out more information whenever that may be. I did not warn you of the posting date for your contributing photo, in advance, so I didn’t necessarily expect you to answer straight away.. Funny how Cook was not born in the township itself, but it has forever been associated with him.


  2. I can’t say that I recognise this week’s photo(s). The building has a similar design to an old, Victorian mill, though I realise other, official buildings had a similar design – including prisons.

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    1. Really? Wow! Somehow it just looked to be the right shape for a prison. I thought about some in Britain as I looked at it. But where in the world that one is, I’ve still no idea.

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  3. Hi again, Amanda. I’ve just spent some time looking at prisons in Australia and think I’ve found the one in your photo. It looks like the one in Port Arthur in Tasmania. The windows and the setting are the same. I didn’t think the scenery looked British, but the architecture is similar to many such buildings here, so Australia seemed like a good choice.

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    1. Now you’ve intrigued me, so I’ll have to go and look it up! I must be dim because I haven’t heard of a prison there before. But given the building’s age, I’d guess events there had something to do with the rotten old British! 😀


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