Proverbial Thursday – Global Words of Wisdom


In the current climate, perhaps these words will resonate and give us Something to Ponder About

3 thoughts on “Proverbial Thursday – Global Words of Wisdom”

  1. Such a deep quote by Voltaire. Absurdities is a rather strong word, and I suppose what the quote means that if you believe in the most unreasonable and unjust, then worst things can happen. Sometimes we can be easily influenced by others for we like what they promise us…or rather what they try to promise us. Looks, a person’s voice and their demeanour can be deceiving.

    But on the other hand, believing in absurdities means that you can believe in anything…and sometimes that anything can be the better for us and those around us. Just a thought.


  2. Hi Mabel! It is good to be back delivering some words for us to dissect and chew apart!
    This quote struck me as alluding to the mesmerizing nature of certain figureheads. What is commonly called the “charismatic”principle. As you mentioned voice, looks and demeanour can be charming and entrancing. These people with this charisma may use it for positive or negative purposes. Many political leaders have such charima ( and some political leaders could use a little more!!)
    It can be quite persuasive no matter how illogical the content. This is potentially dangerous if they do not have altruistic intentions. Eg Hitler in WWII.
    But thank you for highlighting the contrasting viewpoint that absurdities canbe like unattainable goals or dreams. Believing in the impossible sometimes can be the one factor that makes the impossible thing, possible! A testament to human ingenuity and persistence. Voltaire may indeed have been thinking of this!!


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