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Life feels so out of step,
I woke up, one morning, far too late.
I wonder if you've been here,
for the pillow still smells of you.

Dreams disappear and reality blinds me.
I feel I stalled the day you chose to go your way.
My world has turned around, the colours all washed out,
the bed so empty since you spread your wings and flew.

If it's not going to be,
Why does it feel so wrong when you're not here?
Beautiful memories so worse when you're not here.
Where are you?
My door is ajar,
if you come home.

Adapted from a song by Joey Moe


4 thoughts on “Alone

    1. Pillows can be incredibly emotional objects at times, do you agree? We rest on them, cry and laugh on them, relax on them and spend almost one third of our lives on them, sleeping! No wonder we become so attached! My daughter refuses to throw out her old pillow even though it is apparently past its use by date! Who knew that pillows had exact use by dates (it is now printed on the pillows!!!) Thanks for your comment!!

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