It is so lovely to be nominated for two categories in NepaliAustralian‘s awards

Best Personal Blog

Most Diverse Blog

for 2017
These blog awards are really is a great way to discover some new high quality blogs for those with interests in common.
You can vote for whomever you think worthy!!

Something to Ponder About
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37 thoughts on “Nominated!!!”

    1. How to vote? Firstly, thank you so much for wanting to vote for my blog. I appreciate that.
      I have been nominated for Best personal Blog #4 and Most Diverse Blog #1
      My blog is listed as
      1. Visit nepaliaustralian blog by clicking on the logo in this post.
      2.Place the number that corresponds to the blog you wish to vote for, in the comment box, on nepaliaustralian‘s blog post here: along with the category you are voting for

      Best Blog for 2016
      Best Photo Blog 2016
      Best Food Blog 2016
      Best Travel Blog 2016
      Best Fashion Blog 2016
      Best Personal Blog 2016 S.T.PAbout or is #4 in this category
      Most Diverse Blog 2016 S.T.PAbout or is#1 in this category
      Best New Blog 2016
      The rules:

      E-mail addresses or blog addresses are required to vote.
      One person can vote once for every category.
      Winner will be announced in Feb 2017.

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  1. Oh WOW! Congratulations !!! well deserved! Thank you for taking the time to drop by to my page & comment so I can know you & find your Blog.
    I am looking to know more about you, there must be something about what you write that makes you shine. Nice to meet you here Amanda! ~Christina (justbluedutch)

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      1. I was rather puzzled reading this, as I’d no idea I’d been nominated for anything! I’m not sure photography’s my blog’s best asset! Lol. But it’s still an honour to be nominated for anything at all. Thanks for letting me know about this, Amanda.


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