No matter what you political affiliation, it is hard to steer a conversation away from the Trump phenomenon in America. People are concerned for the future, and few are jubilant. Democracy has a failing in that everyone has a choice to vote, but if voting is not compulsory, is it really indicative “of the people, by the people, for the people?”


When time become difficult, it is the girls, the women, and the Mothers who often worry about the children and the future, and yet it is conversely, often the men who are invariably in positions of authority, who decide everyone’s future!

We are not at war, but we have every right to be concerned about the future.

Clearly many people are, looking at the map of women’s marches around the world.img_13831.jpg


New Zealand TeMata


A Danish writer, Andrea Heiberg, penned the following to express her concerns:


Who’s the lady with the torch

Boko Haram hates to see?

Who’d bid me welcome

if it should be?


She’s my independent friend who

voices freedom




She’s still standing

sending out hope

to me


my sisters in





and elsewhere


when not grabbed by her pussy.


So go



Andrea Heiberg


January 2017


What do you think of her words?  Something  Serious to Ponder About






20 thoughts on “Solidarity”

    1. Thanks so much Patti for your comment. I am sure the Danish author will find that interesting. I myself didn’t grasp the symbolism of Pearl, in the poem. I am sorry that you have some troubled times ahead of you. I am desperately hoping common sense prevails or Congress suppresses or gags the detrimental changes. What is the mood in your city?


    2. You’re right Patti, I don’t see the tears just yet but a lot of fellow poets write about crying and tears. I wanted to present the American culture with something else. So far I saw thousands of people marching all around the world but especially in Washington, I was amazed when listening to the speakers, amazed because they all met the issue with such dignity.
      Pearl S. Buck represents the same attitude in her wonderful books.
      Anyway, what I sense is that we are not completely suppressed yet. In fact, just the opposite. Therefore, no tears just yet.

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  1. A really great post Amanda – and well done to the thousands of women around the world who marched. I love Andrea Heiberg’s hard-hitting poem, but Like you, I don’t know the relevance of the reference to Pearl.
    This is a very difficult and uncertain time around the world, as you say, and the marches carry that message home. Could it be a sort of generic name for women everywhere? Perhaps people in Denmark will understand it better than we do.

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    1. This is what Andrea wrote to me about the author, Pearl S Buck: “She was from the US but was brought up in China and most of her books take place in China with wonderful descriptions of the Chinese people.
      She really stands for humanity.”
      It is on my to do list to follow up and research Pearl Buck, as she is completely unknown to me. Mind you, I think Pearl could be taken metaphorically in the sense you mentioned.


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