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Is Every Day a New Adventure, or Not?

Today we call ourselves developed, as if we have nothing left to learn. But in a hundred years, when people look back at our generation, will they too ask themselves: how did anyone accept that world?
When we look at other life, we say our technology makes us more advanced. Yet all we seem to advance is the destruction of the world surrounding us. You look around and there’s little life to be seen. Most animals we know, we’ve only witnessed on screens.

-Spenser Cathcart

I do like to look at life as an adventure and every day, one filled with new possibilities. We only inhabit this world for a short time, and during that time, society tries to shape us with conformity, first at school and then university or the workplace; I feel this endless drive to make profits, to progress, to move forward,  but just where are we moving forward to?wpid-wp-1414138171365.jpg

Is power what really drives our society and our species? Or is the elusive quest for happiness that we all seek?

I could have an existential crisis watching this video, from Spenser Cathcart, but it is powerful stuff that makes one stop and think about mastering the art of living! It poses many provocative questions and issues. Including:

  • We are destroying the very environment on which we need to survive.
  • Money is a tool used to control us.
    Questioning the real motives of progress in a world where resources are finite.
  • The real purpose of conformity and rules.
  • The indulgence of feeding 70% of the world’s grain crops to animals that we eat.
  • The hypocrisy of acceptance of killing of pigs, cows, chickens as food, whilst the thought of killing or eating dogs or cats barbaric.
  • We all want happiness and strive to get a larger house, car, TV, phone, in order to achieve it.  Profit and making money is the inventive to progress. But we become disconnected from the real world once we have it.
  • Idolizing celebrity and people we have never met, yet ignoring or dismissing our neighbours.
  • Time is slipping through our fingers, but what have we done with it?

We all want happiness, so take the positives from this video:

  • The planet will be here whether we, as a species are here or not!
  • Value the importance of working together.
  • Master the art of living.
  • Use the internet to bring us together not to separate us from one another.
  • Look at life as a new adventure with a unfettered realm of possibilities.
  • Stop and smell the roses, and observe.
  • Imagine what can be done, not what can’t.

Have you mastered the art of living? Have you developed a purpose? Are you truly happy?

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13 thoughts on “Is Every Day a New Adventure, or Not?”

    1. It is great to hear that you have found happiness, Peggy, as much as anyone can. I don’t think it is possible to be happy in every moment of the day. Our daily lives often involve frustration, struggle and at times, pain, but hopefully in limited amounts that we can tolerate and overcome. To be blissfully happy every waking moment seems to be fantasy, do you think?

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  1. Hmmm… it depends on how happiness is defined…is it a state of contentment? Or has it got to be a ecstatic feeling? Perhaps both or somewhere in between? We read of folks who want to live life for the experience and be happy rather than for material gain. Truth is we need both. Perhaps in a healthy dose mix just like a balanced diet!

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    1. Oh so wise! The middle path! I also tend to seek a balance in most things and think about attaining contentment, rather than seeking a continual feeling of ecstasy. As one ages, the things that make contentment or happiness seem easier to find. One can delight in the simpler things of life as much as the rush of adventure.

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  2. I agree with Mel and Suan that it will depend on the person. Everybody has their own definition of happiness or what they think happiness is. That is why we have many people taking different paths in life. Those ideas from different people tug and pull each other but that is what makes life interesting and colorful!

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    1. Thank you probableman for your comment. Everyone is indeed different and leads a different journey of discovery. I like the way you describe the tugs and pulls we each experience from ideas. Some tugs make us angry, others motivated or depressed. Interactions with each other are essential to feeling connected but can be a double edged sword at times. They provide a sense of excitement, of endless possibilities and as you say colourand contribute to contentment and happiness more than material possessions. I think we have to work on preserving connectedness in our lives. Divisiveness and over reliance on technology can disrupt and hamper certain connections, although it may facilitate others. I think that there just might be more ‘colour and interest’ in the middle of the spectrum. Do you think so, too?

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    1. Absolutely! Happiness is a concept that may look totally different to each person at any given moment. For some it might mean no financial pressures of meeting mortgages and debts, others it is merely an outward projection of their inner thoughts, a reaction to events even. Or it may simply mean time tonrelax and fo nothing much. There is much to make us happy yet it is so transient. Then there is the selfless act of making others happy. And we all constantly desire to feel it!! Those who are severely depressed have lost the ability to experience it for themselves. Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts.

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