Monday Mystery – Supplementary photo

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object. I invite you to leave a comment if you think you know the location of this week’s photograph or indeed what it might be. If you guess correctly, I will link back to your blog when the answer is revealed the following week.

*N.B. If your comment/guess isn’t showing immediately, it is because comments are released on the following Thursday or Friday of the week the Monday Mystery photo, is posted. That way, everyone gets a chance to guess, without peeking at any of the previous guesses.

New guest submissions of Monday Mystery Photos, are very welcome. Drop me an email, if you would like to submit one of your travel photos, to Monday Mystery Photo. You will find my email by hovering over my gravatar and clicking on ‘Complete Profile.’


This week’s mystery photo, seen above, was very kindly submitted by Peggy from the blog, Where to Next? and this week I am going to post a supplementary photo of the same location from a different angle.


I hope that has given you a bit more to Ponder About this week. The answer will be revealed next Monday.

Monday Mystery




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