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Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object. I invite you to leave a comment*,  if you think you know the location of this week’s photograph, (posted above). If you guess correctly, I will link back to your blog, when the answer is revealed the following week.  Many thanks to Ineke from for contributing last week’s mystery photo. More guest contributions to MMP are very welcome.


Where is the following photography located?


*N.B. If your comment/guess isn’t showing immediately, it is because comments are released on the following Thursday or Friday of the week the Monday Mystery photo, is posted. That way, everyone gets a chance to guess, without peeking at any of the previous guesses.

Last week’s Guest MMP photo came from Ineke of was, if you remember Primary School social studies curriculum from the 2oth century, the statue of the Colonial African Explorer, David Livingstone, situated near to Victoria Falls! Surrounded by tourists in this photo, from Ineke! Well done also to the following bloggers who guessed correctly:


Mel & Suan (Google search helped!)

Leggy Peggy


Dr Livingstone

Livingstone’s statue is located on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls. In recent times, the statue of David Livingstone has survived two attempts to have it removed!

First in 2001 by veterans of the Zimbabwe war of independence who regarded him as a painful reminder of a colonial past, and second by the Zambian government which, in 2003, wanted the statue moved to Zambia and erected on the other side of the river to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the explorer’s first sighting of the Falls. Resistance to the removals from the local community has ensured that Livingstone’s statue remains where it was first erected, gazing sternly out towards Devil’s Cataract.




I hope I have given you Something fun to Ponder About this Monday



32 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Africa

  1. The (roman build) aqueduct of Segovia in the middle of Spain. As I know so the name of the city means “The victorious city” in old language spoken there at that time, maybe celtic. 🙂

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  2. I thought he looked colonial!
    I think I saw this week’s on an episode of the children’s tv programme Go Jetters! Is it the Aqueduct in Sergovia? Grand Master Glitch turns it into a giant water slide, if it’s the same one 😀

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  3. The Romans build a lot of these aqueduct around southern Europe but my guess must be that this is the the one in Segovia. It’s the only one this tall I’ve seen in the middle of a city 🙂

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  4. Hmmm, this one should be in Lisbon partly because we read about it recently. The unique two level is what we remembered! No google needed this time!


    1. Thanks Jo! Apparently there are loads in southern Europe. I haven’t seen them myself but they look spectacular. Has any of your followers posted a walk along an aqueduct?


  5. Hey, I’ve been here! This is the first time I’ve actually been to one of your MM locations 🙂 We went here on a road trip from France to Spain so it’s somewhere along the two countries’ border… or else there’s another place like this somewhere else in the world that looks identical, hahah! That could happen, too, I guess 🙂 Anyway, the sad thing is that I don’t know the name of the town. It was ages ago, before iPhones etc, and so it is lost to me! I do have a paper photo of myself and the other students I was traveling with sitting near the aquaduct… I’m guessing it was in Spain since most of our trip was focused on touring Spanish towns.

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    1. When you have travelled so much with work, it must be hard to remember the names of every town. But you remember the site and the people and that is the most important. Thanks for participating, SMS. Would you have a photo you would like to submit? I know you kindly did this once before for MMP.

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