Monday Mystery Photo – Last week: Hagia Sophia

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object, such as the photograph last week, which has been kindly submitted by the blogger, TheSnowMeltsSomewhere which you will find below.

This Week’s Photo

I invite you to leave a comment*  if you think you know the location of this week’s photograph, (posted above), or what it is. The following week, when the answer is revealed, I will link back to your blog if you have guessed correctly.

Guest contributions to MMP are very welcome. Just flick me an email or send a photo.

Last Week’s Photo:

Many thanks to SnowmeltsSomewhere for this contribution. If you read any of the comments you will know that although he was doubtful, Drake guessed correctly and gave us an interesting account, of his very brief visit there, some years back.

Mel & Suan from Travelling Matters, Gerard from Oostermans Treats also recognized the location correctly as Istanbul. Very well done, people!

Hagia Sophia was a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal basilica, later an imperial mosque, and is now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Monday Mystery

Monday Mystery Photo leaves you with Something to Ponder About

29 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Last week: Hagia Sophia”

  1. When I first looked at this, I thought it was Pingvellir in Iceland. But when I’ve looked back at my own images of the place, I’ve realised it’s nothing like it!! So now my best guess is ‘somewhere in Switzerland’… why I’ve gone from Iceland to it being Swiss I can’t answer!


      1. We spent a week driving around western and southern Iceland last October. Our first visit and absolutely incredible. So like you, we definitely want to return 🙂

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          1. No, despite it looking beautiful, we decided it was too commercial for our taste and so opted for one up near Geysir. Unfortunately, there was an accident the day we went and the roads were blocked so we didn’t make it and ran out of time after that. We did find a random hot pool on the beach though in Reykjavik which we had to ourselves – gale force winds but I was paddling in hot water!!

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            1. That sounds like a memorable experience. Despite the hype, I did go tibthe Blue lagoon, but it was late at night and being winter, we had the place to ourselves apart from 2 Icelanders and 2 German tourists. For someone who lives in the sub- tropics, swimming in a mist covered thermal hot pool surrounded by lava rocks, draped in snow, and this under the Northern lights, was an intensely surreal experience. But þhingvellir, Myvatn, Godafoss and Dimmiborgir was the real highlight.

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            2. Sounds gorgeous! If we could have guaranteed it being quiet, I would have probably gone. That said, we were really taken by the geopark region where it is and explored that on our last day – really under advertised in my opinion. The South Island route was definitely our favourite, I was in my element with all the volcanoes and waterfalls!

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            3. Definitely more lakes and mountains than basking on a beach. I can only tolerate high temperatures for a short while before hiding indoors. It’s 28C in the UK at the moment and we’re struggling to cope! I remember going to Cyprus in April and the locals were still wearing winter coats, yet we were out in our shorts and t-shirts! Spring weather is my ideal, followed by autumn.

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            4. I have not been to Cyprus; almost got there last year. But decided it might be too touristy and as I was travelling the northern summertime, potentially too hot. Lakes and mountains, hey? Then Norway would be a good destination. Have you been there?

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            5. Sadly, not yet. I have a long fascination with Scandinavian/ Nordic culture and folklore but so far only ventured to Iceland.
              As for Cyprus, we went to the north west, near a nature reserve. Very traditional village and few touristy areas so much better in our opinion!

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  2. As I’ve lived 11 years in Telemark and had customers all over the county this week’s mystery photo is so easy for my that I almost feel ashamed answering at all. The photo is from Rjukan in Telemark, Norway and the huge building in the back is Norway’s national industry museum. It was once Norway’s largest power station and the place where three movies about the the action preventing the Nazis getting hold of the deuteriumoksid (heavy water) produced there during WWII were filmed. Older people may still remember “Heros of Telemark” filmed in 1965 with Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris in lead parts. A Norwegian film about the action “Kampen om tungtvannet” was made in 1848 and a recent movie about the same action was made just a few years ago

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