Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Rjukan, Norway

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object. I invite you to leave a comment, if you think you know the location of this week’s photograph. Please note that I will release comments in the latter part of each week, usually Thursday or Friday and in this way, everyone can have a guess without a spoiler being revealed.

If you guess the correct location, I will link back to your blog when the answer is revealed the following Monday.

Guest contributions to MMP are very welcome. Please flick me an email if you have a photo to submit.

This week’s photo is shown below. Can you guess the location?

Last week’s photograph was correctly identified by Tidious Ted from the wonderful WordPress cooking blog, Recipe Reminiscing.  As the MMP was located in Ted’s native country of Norway, I will leave it to him to tell us more about the location:

“As I’ve lived 11 years in Telemark and had customers all over the county this week’s mystery photo is so easy for my that I almost feel ashamed answering at all. The photo is from Rjukan in Telemark, Norway and the huge building in the back is Norway’s national industry museum. It was once Norway’s largest power station and the place where three movies about the the action preventing the Nazis getting hold of the deuteriumoksid (heavy water) produced there during WWII were filmed. Older people may still remember “Heros of Telemark” filmed in 1965 with Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris in lead parts. A Norwegian film about the action “Kampen om tungtvannet” was made in 1848 and a recent movie about the same action was made just a few years ago.” – Tidious Ted

Thanks so much for all that wonderful information, Ted. Here is a youtube clip of a modern day team re-creating the heroic action of the men that stalled the Nazi’s atomic bomb program in WWII.

TheSnowmeltsSomewhere also very cleverly recognized that last week’s location as Norway, even though she didn’t recognize the museum building!! Incredibly astute SnowMS!

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31 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Rjukan, Norway”

    1. Thank you Tonya. I am happy that you took a look. Next week you might know the MMP. Or perhaps you would like to submit a photo yourself. It is fun to have guest contributors. You can email the photo/s and I will link back to you blog for two weeks.

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          1. It indeed was 🙂 Kathmandu has more air pollution now due to road works going on all over the city (made me sick with dust allergy for 10 days), and it rained almost everyday. For May that’s very unusual. I spent most days at home or visiting relatives. Didn’t really go to many places this time. 🙂

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              1. Well development sounds good for the country, I hope. That rain you speak of. I know that well. Our summer rain is like this. But in winter the few showers we might get are like European rainfall. That the rain I like. Put on a raincoat and you can still get about and do things. Raincoats in a terrential, tropical thunderstorm or cyclonic rain depressions, that we have in summertime, well a raincoat is pretty useless. One still gets soaked through.

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  1. I’ve looked long and hard and don’t think I know the city, though it is of course in Italy. I have to make a guess and it could conceivably be Pisa but I don’t think so. Better luck next time, hey? 🙂 Hope you’re having a good week.


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