Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Leuven

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object. I invite you to leave a comment if you think you know the location of this week’s photograph. If you guess the correct location, I will link back to your blog when the answer is revealed the following Monday.*

*[Please note that I will release comments in the latter part of each week, usually Thursday or Friday and in this way, everyone can have a guess without a spoiler being revealed.]


snow somewhere mmp

This week’s photograph

This week’s photo – seen above is from the blogger SnowMeltsSomewhere.  Thanks so much for your kind submission, Snow. It is great to feature different bloggers and different locations from all around the world.  Do you know where it is located? Try hard to not use Google images, please! The featured image shows a close up of the building in the foreground.

Guest contributions to MMP are very welcome. Please flick me an email if you have a photo to submit.

Last week’s guest contributor is Marion from Figments of a DuTchess. Thanks Marion,  for submitting a great photo to Monday Mystery.  Our first from Belgium.



Last Week’s MM Photograph

The photo was shot by Marion, in Leuven, Belgium and is the City Hall, which Tidious Ted from Recipe Reminiscing Blog, thought resembled a cream cake, as it is extraordinary and beautifully ornate. Here is some extra information:

” The present impressive town hall of Leuven is the third one and construction started in 1439. It is a building in Gothic style with four corner turrets, two ridge turrets and a balustrade around the building.

The building has only three floors (although from the outside one would expect a few more floors). There are a few hundred statues in the many niches around the building and around the turrets. Some statues represent biblical figures, other statues scholars, eminent citizens, artists, judges, dukes of Brabant etc. There is even an image of Napoleon and one of the Belgian kings. “



Those bloggers who guessed the correct location/country included:


Traveling Matters 





Excellent effort, everyone!  I haven’t been there myself, so I would not have had a clue where last week’s photo was located.

Have you been there? Did you go inside this wonderful building?


Monday Mystery


Something I have been pondering about since I saw Marion’s photo.




About Forestwoodfolk

Scandinavian culture, literature and traditions are close to my heart, even though I am Australian. I have Scandinavian, Frisian and Prussian/Silesian ancestry and for that reason, I feel a connection with that part of the world. I am an avid Nordic Crime fiction reader, and enjoy photography, writing and a variety of cooking and crafts, and traditional decorative art forms. Politically aware and egalitarian by nature, I have a strong environmental bent.
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20 Responses to Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Leuven

  1. tidiousted says:

    I’ve got a feeling I’ve seen that house somewhere but this week I’m drawing a blank Amanda. I could have run an advanced image search of course, but I consider that cheating. So I’m throwing in the towel 😉

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  2. Could be South America because there are these small islands in the La Plata River with clusters of houses or hotels on them.


  3. leggypeggy says:

    Leuven! I knew if looked familiar. We’ve spent a lot of time in Belgium. When I first saw the pic, I thought it was of the town hall in Ghent, but I looked at my photos and saw it wasn’t really even close. Didn’t get a chance to look further.
    This week? It reminds me of scenes around Vancouver and Vancouver Island.


  4. The blogger is Finnish, so perhaps it is Finland, but it also has something Danish about it. I’ll stick to Finland though. Beautiful photo.

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  5. Hi have never been to Belgium and as for this weeks pic… I have no clue!!! I’m going to try New Zealand ???


  6. Hi Amanda. The moment I saw today’s photo I had Sweden on my mind. It should be either Sweden or Finland, but I’ll go for Sweden. 🙂

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  7. milliethom says:

    I would guess that this week’s photo is Scandinavian. (No idea at present, I’m just voicing my initial thoughts.) It’s obviously a small island so it’s perhaps one of the Aland Islands between Sweden and Finland. I love the red roof on the prominent building in the middle. Unless I come up with anything else, I’ll just leave it at that, Amanda.


  8. milliethom says:

    I’ve had no further ideas on this one, Amanda. I can’t think of the names of any of the islands between Sweden and Finland other than the group that stretches all the way across which I mentioned above (the Aland Islands).
    There is one island I know that is close to Stockholm (as it comes into my first book) and it’s called Bjorko. I know that has a rise towards its centre, as this photo seems to have, but I couldn’t say what the island looks like today. There looks to be a larger island or mainland to the left of the photo, so perhaps that’s Stockholm.
    Rambling over, so I guess I’m guessing the island is Bjorko!

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