Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Helsinki

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object. I invite you to leave a comment if you think you know the location of this week’s photograph. If you guess the correct location, I will link back to your blog when the answer is revealed the following Monday.*

Can you guess the location?

*Please note that I will release comments in the latter part of each week, usually Thursday or Friday and in this way, everyone can have a guess without a spoiler being revealed.

Last week, MMP visited beautiful Helsinki, Finland, with ‘Snow’ from the blog, SnowMeltsSomewhere. [photo now deleted but photo from same area seen below]

Thanks so much for your kind submission, Snow. It was great fun reading the various guesses.  Gerard from Oosterman Treats Blog and Pooja from Stories from Europe guessed correctly with Millie from MillieThom also managing a good guess! And no they didn’t use Google – Good work, everyone!

Free Winner With A Golden Trophy Stock Photo - 19520420

The Helsinki Archipelago has 315 islands in close proximity to the city centre. Last year, I took a delightful lunchtime cruise around this very archipelago and I highly recommend it; you can read more about my impressions of Helsinki here. However, I shall let Snow tell you a little more about this location!


“This picture [now deleted but photo of same area posted above- ed] is taken near the Kaivopuisto park in Helsinki. It’s located by the sea right in the center of town and it is a definite must-visit if you come to Helsinki. Locals have picnics, go to cafes or ice cream kiosks, and jog in the park – it’s very lively in the summer.” – SnowMeltsSomewhere

Fun Fact: Finland is the world leader in the use of coffee. According to official statistics, more than 11 kg of coffee a year are drunk per capita!

Monday Mystery

Something fun to Ponder About


15 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Last Week Helsinki”

  1. The above photo is definitely from an English speaking country, the signage, advertising hoardings,, Starbucks café, all point to it either being the US or an Australian city. The sculptures in the foreground should be a give-a-way. The overweight woman in the front doesn’t really help because both the US and Australia have big people. Even so, it has an Australian flavour about it. I reckon it is Melbourne.

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  2. Having just been in Helsinki, I should have recognised last week’s photo. I probably have a pic of it myself (picture me with my eyes rolling).
    I do know this week’s amazing sculptures. I haven’t been there, but I have seen many pics of them in the past. I think they were even featured in a quiz some years ago for one of my daughter’s art history classes. They are ‘The Anonymous Pedestrians’ on a busy intersection in Wroclaw, Poland.

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  3. Yes, we are heavy coffee drinkers, but where in the world people reuse empty coffee bags making new bags and even theatre / opera bags from them – in Finland.

    Happy new week.

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