Acidosis? Examining our Modern Diet

Scallops and waldorf salad
Scallops and Waldorf salad

Recently I have been wondering about how the modern Western diet can be extremely acidic and what implications this has for our bodies?

Our bodies try to maintain a natural acid and alkaline balance. If it doesn’t, our body would not function. This is true, as I once was called on to resuscitate an elderly citizen who had suffered a heart attack, due to prolonged acidosis.

However, our incredibly complex bodies have a variety of back up plans in order to maintain our pH balance.

Lemons, while acidic can be alkalinising once ingested

In the presence of a lot of acidic foods, the body will:

  1. Use up all the available alkaline reserves in the body.
  2. he body will attempt to eliminate excess acids from your blood.
  3. Acid will be stored in your body’s fat cells.  This then has implications for anyone attempting weight loss. Why? Because the body reacts to avoid the influx of acid that might be released during sudden weight loss. An acidic body holds onto excess weight, making dieting extremely difficult. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?
  4. Swiss cakes
    Sweet cakes in a Patisserie in Switzerland

    Your body finds an alkalinising agent, such as calcium. It will try to redress the pH imbalance by leaching calcium from your bones, which can be a contributing factor to osteoporosis.

Common symptoms of Acidosis or high levels of Acid*

NB these symptoms can also indicate another medical condition so always see your Doctor or health professional for further investigation

  • fatigue, and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • fatigue or weakness after eating meals
  • frequent colds, low immunity
  • poor circulation (cold hands/feet)
  • low blood pressure
  • burning sensation during urination
  • kidney stones
  • headaches
  • pallor
  • Gastro intestinal issues such as stomach cramps, reflux, diarrhoea, ulcers
  • agitation, nervousness anxiety, depression
  • lack of joy
  • lack of ambition
  • dental problems, bleeding or inflamed gums, cavities,cracked lips, loose teeth,
  • muscle cramps and spasm,
  • tension in neck and shoulders
  • joint pain, (arthritis like)
  • nail and hair problems
  • vaginal discharge (candida)
  • tendency to insomnia, restless sleep
  • tendency to itchy skin, acne
  • tendency to allergies, runny nose, chronic bronchitis
  • Minestrone soup – Tomatoes  and mushrooms are higher in acid compared to other similar foods

How Acidic is your diet? Find more info here

This post is not meant as a health guide, just sharing information, and giving us Something to Ponder About


30 thoughts on “Acidosis? Examining our Modern Diet”

  1. I enjoyed this wake up call. It’s time we took more responsibility for our health. Government is slave to big pharma and multi national food companies whose main concern is not our health but rather, the bottom line.

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    1. It is the way of capitalism. Multi-nationals and the drive to increase wealth, productivity and profits, unfortunately. We have to find what is right for us, first and foremost. It doesn’t mean we have to like what they are doing.

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      1. I agree. I am impressed that our education system in Australia, teaches critical thinking at a primary level. If one can be taught to think critically that is. I encourage my grandchildren to question everything they encounter, especially on the web. I always say to them, where’s the evidence?’ Now I hear them saying the same to others in response to ambit claims. A healthy skepticism will go a long way to protecting us from those with adverse interests.


            1. We especially need more critics thinking now that news by social media is here, Robyn. Pity the pollies don’t employ it a little more instead of focusing on the next electoral success or failure.

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  2. This is a problem I have been struggling with for YEARS! An alkaline diet is hard to stay on. I’m trying to get back there as I have a great deal of the symptoms but every social interaction has
    refined carbs and sugar which are both highly acid. It makes me want to hide in the house but I miss all the good stuff everyone is eating. None of it helps me feel better. An alkaline diet is harder without animal protein and most of my friends are now vegan or vegetarian. I’ve read everything but still everyday is a struggle with food. How do you do it?


    1. Food at social events is often high carb junk food. It is the easiest to prepare and serve, perhaps? Can you contribute a plate of carrot and vege sticks with walnuts etc., to the table? It is great that your friends are vegan as they won’t tempt you with acidic food. I am not perfect, Marlene. So I try to stick to a more alkaline diet, but I think we have to err on the side of everything in moderation, skewed as much as possible to alkalinity, for the most part. That is my mantra, Marlene. It sounds like you are doing as well as you can. Variety of foods within the alkaline range might help.

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        1. Don’t be caught up following a list religiously as I always thought banana was low in acidity but have seen it listed in both ph characteristics. Similarly with pineapple and lemon. Soft drink is listed as acidic and as such, it could leach calcium from your body, however in the urinary system the carbonated drinks have an alkalinising effect. As long as you keep away from sugar fat and highly processed foods you will generally do better. P.S. I never ate watermelon or mango but in the really hot summer like we have now watermelon and fruit salads can aid in quenching one’s thirst.

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    1. It is interesting and complicated. I have since found bananas can be alkaline if ripe but acidic if still ripening. Seems there is lots to learn. Good luck with this. Let me know how you find it and if it has about effect for you.

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    1. Thank you Rolling pen! You are very welcome here. The iced green tea from sage sounds really nice. Do you add sugar? A lot of the iced tea her is high in sugar. It would be fun to make one’s own green tea. Did you post a recipe?


  3. This is such an important topic and as Mel & Suan said, a lot of processed foods are acidic. Come to think of it, salads and many foods served fresh and cold are acidic too, just like many fried foods out there. Interesting to hear that lemon can become alkaline when it is being ingested.

    About six or seven years ago, I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. What was causing it was top of my stomach and how it was connected to the esophagus – that wasn’t functioning properly and stomach acid juices tend to stick around that area. It can be quite painful but these days I watch my diet and most days are normal. Also I’ve been told that stress also makes this worse. Cutting down processed foods like chips, fried, coffee and even tea helps (which also helps with falling asleep). Citrus foods like orange and lemon are a big no-no for me and also tomato whether raw or cooked – the moment these juices hit my stomach, it can set the ulcers in formation.

    I generally eat a mixture of Asian and Western food. Comparing both cuisines, I don’t think one or the other is more or less acidic than the other – it just depends on how you cook a certain dish. Less oil, salt and fat is what I aim for when I’m cooking at home for myself 🙂


    1. It is not good to read that you had some difficulties with food, Mabel. Some people with Gastro oesophageal reflux find that their symptoms are caused by food intolerances. I can imagine that tomato and citrus foods aggravate ulcers – that would be very painful and I am glad that you have it under control! The diet you eat sounds very healthy. Less oil, salt and fat is a good mantra! There is so much sugar in many of our prepared foods! So the salad greens are acidic too – or is it just the dressing that is so often added?


      1. I think you are right, that’s it’s the salad in the dressing that makes a salad acidic. A lot of the time dressing tastes sour to me, which is a sign of acidity. I find lemon is a very common ingredient in salads, and tomato too. One time I had a bowl of spicy noodles and after each bite I drank some milk to cool myself and my stomach down. Despite milk’s alkalising properties, I still got stomach ulcers the next day. Learnt my lesson hard.

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        1. Oh what a shame you can’t eat a nice, spicy dish but it is not good for your stomach to get ulcers. Food sensitivities suck!! I suppose our bodies let us know what they need in various ways. There are some foods I cannot eat either and tomato also had to be very restricted. This is a shame as I do like both vegetarian and Italian dishes, many of which are based on tomato. Only once a week at most.

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