Monday Mystery Photo – Last time Spain

Each Monday, I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object. I invite you to leave a comment if you think you know the location or what it is. If you guess correctly, I will link back to your blog, when the answer is revealed, the following Monday.

Guest Submissions are very welcome!

Please note that I will release comments in the latter part of each week, usually Thursday or Friday, Australia time, and in this way, everyone can have a guess without a spoiler being revealed prematurely.

This Week’s Monday Mystery Photograph

I am throwing out a difficult challenge this week.

The following photo was snapped, of me, in recent times, with a slightly dishevelled soldier from a historical re-enactment group that is pertinent to his locality. Do you have an idea of the location for this military group, based on his costume, or even hidden elements in the photo? (-if you are a super sleuth!)

The correct country is sufficient for this week’s answer.

This Week’s Mystery Photograph

Last week’s Monday Mystery Photograph

Photo by Mia Hustad

Last week’s photo was located on the road to El chorro, north of Malaga, Andalucia in Spain.

This hermitage is located at the old village of Bobastro. It was renovated late last century  at which time they discovered  a series of tombs carved into the rock. There is also remains of a watchtower, known as Moro Rock, indicating the historic importance of the site.  As an aside, it seems that cross religo-cultural forces interplayed here, as the festival of Moors and Christians were celebrated here until the 1920’s. A pilgrimage mass of the Virgen de Villaverde, is still celebrated here.

The following bloggers identified the photograph’s location correctly in Spain:




Some narrowed down the location even further:-


and some further still:-

Impressive knowledge everyone. Well done!


Monday Mystery

Will you guess this week’s photograph?

It is Something different to Ponder About


23 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Last time Spain

  1. Fun and difficult challenge this week. My first thought is Napoleon Wars – swiss uniform in french service – but the hat make me doubt again – maybe I’ll change during the week. 😀

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    1. @Peggy – completely unintentional where I stood as I didn’t plan for this MMP one that day. The number plate would have made it to easy!! Keep looking. As for the car…that is not my string point, so no idea on that point!!


  2. Heheh… tried searching your blog for clues… sigh.
    Our guess? Might be France since it would not be the UK with the left hand drive. The old soldier in the background wearing a beret suggest French?

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    1. Red ants ….that is I interesting but I am sure the English didn’t like that. They too had names for people I am sure. And you are right – many people do it. Australians as also have slang names for others. Eg. kiwis


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