The Gnawing



The Gnawing 

It’s there in the belly, it sits like a stone,

hard, heavy and dragging them down.

Gnawing in waves, tearing, grating, chewing,

Life imploding, no hope of renewing.

A breaking soul shattered to pieces,

like a mirror smashed by a rock, the light now ceases.


No going forward, nor even going back.

So continue to clutch that unpredictable track.

It’s over too soon, and yet all seems so far,

Such destinations are never reachable by car.

Blow upon blow, a mind in torture,

The heart rent sore, bent beyond rupture.

And still the Gnawing is there, the closest companion in the darkness.






22 thoughts on “The Gnawing”

    1. Hi Marlene and many thanks for your comment. It is lovely of you to connect again! You, quite accurately, picked up that there is a struggle going on in the poem and I am sorry that you have been through this sort of angst as it is painful and exhausting. I am okay, (thanks for asking and caring), yet there are times when this poem accurately portrays my inner most feelings. I also intended for it to refer to the deep anguish that others who have PTSD or other mental disorders might feel. Writing can often feels cathartic as for me it can release one’s mind for a short time, from the downward spiralling thoughts that crop up in troubling times.

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      1. Unfortunately it is something that I understand only too well. That’s why I write as well. I’m better at managing my thoughts now but the reaching out in our cryptic way may help others. That’s why I try to be more open than I’m comfortable with. Keep reaching out.

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    1. Yes, they are my words, Ineke. I don’t often write poetry, but it does come easily to me at times. Do you find that poetry is a good method to expunge recurring thoughts?


        1. Yes. I like the short, clipped words. They challenge you to describe things very succinctly, like cutting right to the main thrust of what you are saying. You and I should start some kind of poetry challenge for new poets. Writing someone once a month on a theme. Let’s do it!


    1. Are you feeling okay? This poem is reflective of a worried mind. Keeping busy is one of my coping strategies when my mind goes of on its own tangent. Take care xxx


      1. Thank you for asking. I have not felt like this in a long time, trying to wrap my head around it. I shall be fine, it is just that I am trying to deal with something I am working on and it is working circles around my head. xx

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        1. There are always problems to overcome and, or circumvent or even escape from, in life. Sometimes life is just like a rollercoaster! You never know what the day brings. Hang in there and I hope you get some clarity soon!

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