WPC – Out of this World

Something that is Out of this World

cotton candy

but very much edible. The biggest cotton candy I’ve ever seen…. Or

if you are Australian: Fairy Floss

Iceland’s most Haunted House

Also Out of this World. Abandoned, unforgiving, and definitely haunted, according to my friends who tried to stay the night here where they experienced an out of this world happening, during their overnight stay in this abandoned house.

Something ‘spooky’ To Ponder About



21 thoughts on “WPC – Out of this World”

  1. Hi Amanda. You got me curious on the haunted house in Iceland.. I tried looking up online but the only result that seems to match with your pic is the haunted house in northern Reykjavik, could it be the one you’re writing about?
    I’d be very scared to go in any time of the day, and all that snow and dark atmosphere convinces me even more that the house must be haunted hehe.

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    1. Hi Pooja! No it is not the Hofdi house which is where the Presidents famously met! It is on the ring road up north from Rejkjavik, a couple of hours drive. It is in a very isolated and creepy spot. Even more creepy in winter. My friend had a very scary experience there when she was a young woman, and she won’t go back.

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  2. I’d have loved to see the haunted house when we visited Iceland, but we weren’t really there long enough to find all these interesting places. I don’t think I’d have wanted to stay overnight in the house, though… I’m also wondering whether the ‘ghosts’ were none other than the pesky elves that seem to be everywhere in Iceland!
    Isn’t it funny how many names we have, worldwide, for the fluffy pink stuff, We call it candy floss in the UK – but I much prefer “old lady’s hair”, as mentioned by Peggy, above. (Perhaps mine would look like that if it was pink!)

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    1. Thanks, Sally. So nice of you to take the time to comment. Are to coping with the sudden not of cold weather? I am so pleased dinner is officially over even though it will be very warm for some time yet.


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