A and I Poetry Challenge Roundup

We are almost half way through our Poetry Challenge and extending our skills in effective Poetry writing.A and I Poetry Challenge

The Prompt for June was to write a poem about something small that is only 5 lines long. And then: to write the same poem again using concrete words.

Penpunt’s excellent Afrikaans poem was incisive and succinct and yet the melancholy tone echoed loudly throughout the first, (abstract), versions. I have reproduced it in the google translation, here. I hope I have done it justice, as sometimes it is ‘lost’ in translation.

If you wish to read the concrete version, and the hope written there, visit Amanda here


Featured Poet for June – Amanda at Penpunt


There is a truth

In every variety of lies

Too busy, too sick ...

Perhaps just too uninspired

to meet me halfway
Amanda at Penpunt


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Please take the time to visit the other participants in this challenge:

Fantastic effort everyone.

Good luck with this month’s prompt, or with whatever poem you would like to link up to our challenge. Remember to include a linkback, tag A and I Poetry Challenge and to leave a comment here and on some of the other contributions. That way we will build a poetic forum to share our work.


A and I Poetry Challenge Prompt for July

Here is a little reminder of the prompt for July, (if you need one):

sound speaker radio microphone
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Turn on the radio to any channel.

Write a poem inspired by the first thing you hear

(lyrics to a song, a commercial, etc.)



A reminder post will go up in the last week of July and the new prompt and round up post will publish the first week in August. Have a great month. I will be Pondering About your poems all July.


6 thoughts on “A and I Poetry Challenge Roundup”

    1. I can’t wait to read your contribution, Yvette! You are so eloquent a writer, it will no doubt be wonderful. Amanda at Penpunt has a wonderful way with words. She doesn’t have to write much to say a whole lot!! I will watch for the linkback to the Poetry Challenge. I am excited to see your entry!

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      1. well thanks for the sweet comment my friend
        and what I really like about poetry is that it is an area where we can really be diverse and then there is a lot of room for growing – or what I mean to say is that I feel like there is sometimes more grace for poetry writing than other forms of writing – hm


        1. More grace in poetry? Yes, there is beauty in certain combinations of words and loads of imagery. I love that there is freedom in joining words in a succinct yet effective way to convey atmosphere, emotion and yes, grace!

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