Poetry Challenge – August prompt closing soon

A and I Poetry Challenge – August prompt

Contributions for August close soon. Publish a blog post with your poem before 30th August if you wish to be included in the round up for August:

Write a Heart Poem:

This might be a poem with lines written in the shape of a heart, or a poem about love, getting to the heart of a problem, about  folks wearing their hearts on their sleeves, or someone showing a lot of heart in competitions.

Post on your blog on or before 30th August, 2018 to be included in the link-backs.

The prompt is merely a suggestion and any topic is welcome.

Here is my contribution for August:

August prompt

When You Leave

My heart does dream of only you,

it has no time or rudder.

Until your touch is felt again,

that longing makes me shudder.

Your trust you gave implicitly

I will not lie or tease,

for in between life’s dark and light,

It ‘s you I long to please.



Hosts Blogger and writer from New Zealand, Ineke from scrapydo2.wordpress.com and Blogger, Amanda from Something to Ponder About, are jointly hosting the A and I Poetry Challenge. Amanda’s challenge is  in English and Ineke’s is in Afrikaans, (with translations in English).

The challenge is open to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced writers or aspiring poets. The challenge will run from March to October, 2018.

You can write in either language but please post a link back or comment at both WordPress blogs to indicate your interest and include the tag  A and I Poetry Challenge.

Beginner poet, hobbyist or Advanced writer – we hope you will join in with us.

For Full guidelines click here.

A and I Poetry Challenge


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19 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge – August prompt closing soon”

  1. The creaking gate half unhinged
    Buster, the sheep-dog seen it all
    is seeps the spirit, makes hard going
    where’s the rain?
    The clouds are here, beckoning
    they whiten the sky all grey
    Drops are spitting hope
    stop sighing of despair
    It might just rain again.

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    1. A topical poem, Gerard considering b the state of the country areas in Australia. I can only imagine the despair one feels if you have a farm and it hasn’t rained for several years. Can you imagine NO rain for several years?. It is beyond belief!!!


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