Poetry Challenge – September Prompt

Rothenburg wall
Rothenburg, Germany

September Poetry Prompt – Seasons


Write a limerick poem on the change of the season and post on your blog before 28th September. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, write about the onset of Autumn. Those living in the South, including Ineke and Amanda, write about the onset of Spring.

A Limerick is a humorous poem wherein the first line sets up the character(s) and setting, so the reader knows right away who/what the story is about.

Only five lines long, limerick poems have an ‘AABBA’ rhyme scheme.


A and I Poetry Challenge


Hosts Blogger and writer from New Zealand, Ineke and Blogger, Amanda from Something to Ponder About, are jointly hosting a Poetry Challenge.

Amanda’s challenge is  in English and Ineke’s is in Afrikaans, (translations in English).

The challenge is open to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced writers or aspiring poets. The challenge will run from March to October, 2018 and will include writing tips and link backs for contributors. Beginner poet, hobbyist or Advanced writer We hope you will join in.

You can write in either language, however, please post a link back, and comment at both WordPress blogs to indicate your interest and include the tag  A and I Poetry Challenge. 

In this way, we can find you and read your poetry.

Here are last month’s contributors.

For Full guidelines on joining in with the A and I Poetry Challenge, click here.



34 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge – September Prompt”

    1. Thank you so much, Abrie. I love that you have asked your followers to join in. Limericks are a quick and easy poem to write. Lots of fun. I will translate your poem later. Can’t wait to read it.


    1. Yes, Hester. I certainly will add it to the challenge round up later this month. You are not late at all!! I am away on holiday at the moment but will post in a week or so. Thanks for contributing. Did you enjoy writing something different this month?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well done, Inneke. I am flat out moving house and then I am off to Japan. My blog will have to wait. Would you be in a position to do the round up post or a reminder in English and email it to me.? It is ok if you can’t.


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