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Monday Mystery Photo – Last time Canary Islands

mmp 2 banactee .jpg

Where do think this structure is located?

Every second Monday, I post a new photo of a ‘mystery’ location, and sometimes a mystery object.  I invite you to leave a comment if you think you know the location, or what the mystery object might be.

If you guess correctly, I will link back to your blog in the follow-up post, when the answer is revealed.  N.B. Comments will be released on alternate Mondays (Australian E.S.T.), so as not to spoil the fun for late-comers to this post.

Contribution and guest posts of Monday mystery photos are very welcome. You can send me the photograph by email. My addy can be found by clicking on my profile.

Many thanks to Banactee for submitting the above photograph.

Previous Monday Mystery Photograph


The photo from Banectee depicted the ancient petroglyphs from the Fajana cemetery on the island of La Palma, Spain in the Canarian Archipelago, thought to be etched by the Indigenous people of the Canary Islands.

“Today, archaeological and ethnographic studies have led most scholars to accept the view that the pre -colonial population of the Canaries shared common origins with North African Berber tribes from the Atlas Mountains region who began to arrive in the Canaries by sea around 1000 BCE or earlier.” Source:

mmp banactee 1

Monday Mystery Photo – Something to Ponder About on Mondays



27 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Last time Canary Islands”

        1. We are busy getting ready to buy another house. Away in Bargara beach near Bundaberg for a few days.
          I remember soo looking forward to school holidays. A good break and more time with the kids. Enjoy it. Are you going away anywhere this time?

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          1. A new house, wow. That’s a busy and exciting time alright. Is it a bigger or smaller place?
            Enjoy your time at the beach.
            No plans for these school holidays, but I have booked 2 weeks in New Zealand in January, so looking forward for that. Xx


    1. So glad you like Monday Mystery!! Good luck with your guess. The solution will be posted next week. Perhaps you have a travel photo you would like to submit? All credit to you as photographer and pingback links to your blog.
      Til next time,

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