Monday Mystery Photo- Last time Morocco

Melanie from An Introvert Talks, submitted the beautiful photograph, below.

Do you know where this might be located?


An introvert talks 2 .jpg


Every second Monday, I post a new photo of a ‘mystery’ location, and sometimes a mystery object.  I invite you to leave a comment if you think you know the location, or what the mystery object might be.

If you guess correctly, I will link back to your blog in the follow-up post, when the answer is revealed.

N.B. Comments will be released on alternate Mondays (Australian E.S.T.), so as not to spoil the fun for late-comers to this post.

Contribution and guest posts of Monday mystery photos are very welcome. You can send me the photograph by email. My addy can be found by clicking on my profile.

Many thanks to Melanie from An Introvert Talks, for submitting the current series of photographs for Monday Mystery Photo.

Previous Monday Mystery Photograph

An introvert 1

The photo depicted a Phoenician Cemetery carved out from stone on the coast in Tangier, Morocco. A country that I have read much about but never visited! It looks fascinating. And it was leggypeggy

who correctly identified it. Marvellous remnants of a very ancient civilization.

Monday Mystery

Monday Mystery photo gives you something to ponder about, today.


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