Christmas – Around the World

Merry Christmas from Something to Ponder About –

Here are a few snippets of Christmas past spent in various parts of the World. The spirit remains strong and the family connections, despite whatever corner of our globe we live in. May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!

Glædelig jul – Christmas in Denmark


God jul – Christmas in Norway

A Norwegian Christmas

Norwegian National dress is worn at Christmas

European Christmas

Frohe Weihnachten! An Austrian, German and Swiss Christmas

Innsbruck christmas
Christmas in Austria
Christmas markets Europe
German Christmas Markets
Lucerne christmas
In Switzerland playing traditional horns
‘Statues’ in Innsbruck at Christmas

Japanese Christmas

Merri Kurisumasu

Australian Christmas

And in Australia, we celebrate too even though it is hot and humid…. but we try to stay cool!

Christmas in our backyard pool!

Merry Christmas

from Amanda at Something to Ponder About

Merry Christmas is different around the world, and yet the same!!

22 thoughts on “Christmas – Around the World”

  1. Frohe Weihnachten, Amanda. I have my Lebkuchen and Pfeffernüsse cookies and celebrating quietly. My daughter and I are still wrapping small gifts for family and friends and dinner will start cooking shortly to be ready for tomorrow. One oven means things cooked ahead. 😉

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  2. Happy Holidays to you as well, Amanda! There are 2 places where I’d love to spend at least one Christmas: México and Germany. It’s too commercialized here in the U.S. Try to stay cool and hydrated and thanks for all your great blog posts! Looking forward to more in 2019!

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    1. Thanks for the reminder, Alejandro!! I will go grab another glass of water now. A German Christmas is so pretty. Especiallt the markets and gluhwein. They really know how to celebrate the season in Europe. Taking time to wrap presents like they are a work of art! How do the Mexicans celebrate?


  3. What a lovely post, Amanda. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Christmas in Australia looks so fun with the backyard pool and everything hehe. We had some snowfall yesterday in Lodz after many, many years and it finally felt like Christmas ❤

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    1. Yes, I have spent the festive season in these places. The Danish one was most special to me. The year I was in Norway was actually from 27th Dec til after New Year. Close enough!! And it snowed right on midnight Jan 31st, in Oslo! Not a white Xmas but a white New Year! But a white Xmas is nothing special for you, is it Snow?

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      1. Usually it doesn’t snow on Xmas here, it’s rainy and then on NYE it drops to freezing. But this year we did have a white Xmas! 😊 Right now it’s super slippery, pavements are like ice skating rinks and people slip, ending up in hospital! Not fun when you have to leave the house and go to work for example… Hopefully we’ll get more snow, it’s less slippery and also prettier then! Maybe one year you’ll spend Xmas in Helsinki, heheh! Were restaurants open btw in Denmark? Over here everything is closed. I saw some tourists downtown while we were driving by and I wondered what their experience must’ve been like in a completely closed-up city, in the cold. They might’ve been Russian and perhaps didn’t celebrate Xmas…

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        1. I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas iin Denmark, with close friends, but I do remember shops being open on the 24th, as we got some supplies. I don’t think there was much open on 25th. I do think it might be a problem for tourists. It is even an issue here!

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