Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Pathways

Weekly Prompt – PATHWAYS

Share your ‘Pathways’ photos on Friendly Friday.

The Photography Challenge

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is alternately hosted at The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About, each Friday.

Similarly to the former WordPress Photo Challenge, we’ll post a prompt each Friday and invite you to create a Friendly Friday post using one or more photos of your choice, relating to the weekly prompt. Write as little, or as much, as you like in the post. That part is really up to you! Then leave your comment and link for your Friendly Friday post, in our comments section here.  Find further instructions below.

This is my first week hosting the challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing your own interpretation of this theme. Here is my version of the challenge logo.

Friendly Friday Logo

Snow and I have created individual logos that you may like to add to your Friendly Friday post, but this is entirely optional.


In sourcing suitable photos for this prompt, I am reminded of an old adage that states, ” Life is a journey not a destination.” Pathways can be a metaphor for life. Let us walk along some of my ‘Pathways.’

When we are young, it seems we skip along pathways so very quickly, enthusiastic about life and what it has in store for us.  We are keen and readying ourselves for loads of new experiences.

Often it seems we aren’t looking too far in the distance and yet we embrace life fully, more as time gathers pace. In leaping ahead, we are rarely mindful of obstacles or hazards.
path magome

In adolescence, life is frequently twisting and turning in on itself; spontaneity rules the day. A few don’t see their destination.  Some choose to follow a path wherever it takes them; whilst others are more concerned with experiences, than the actual destination, itself.

It is only later that some discover the paths they took didn’t turn out to be thoroughfares, at all; they were in fact, dead ends, or they might have been forced to make ‘U’ turns, away from the darkness and back on the straight and narrow.

Time passes and as some approach middle age, they might mellow seeming to be much more decisive about the paths, they take, in life.

As in life, every pathway has beauty – if we are open to seeing it.

Instructions for joining the Friendly Friday Challenge

  1. Title the post Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Pathways
  2. Tag the post Friendly Friday and add a ping or link back to my blog, (see below)
  3. Publish your post and copy the published URL hyperlink on that post.
  4. Leave a comment below, pasting the URL hyperlink! That way readers can visit you and see your photo/s.

How to Create a Ping back

To add a ping back to the host blog, simply copy the Blog Title/s, highlighted below, or the URL address for each Blog you want to link to, that is:

 Something to Ponder About or The Snow Melts Somewhere or both, and paste this into your Friendly Friday post.

Alternatively, once you have highlighted the linked blog names above, you can also click the ‘chain (link)’ icon (next to the Bold and Italic icon), in your editor’s taskbar. Then paste that URL for the linked blogs, into the text box that pops up, and press enter to activate.

I should then get a notification, which means I will know that you made a Friendly Friday post! Others can then click the highlighted blog name, in your comment, to find the weekly Friendly Friday Photo Challenge and join in too!

N.B. Sometimes ping backs don’t work, so it is best to leave the link in a comment with the URL link for YOUR post,  on our Friendly Friday blog post!

Let’s have some fun exploring the pathways! Amanda

122 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Pathways”

    1. So happy you joined in Tallulahbass. I can see you are intrigued by stone circles and you warmed my heart by posting a photo from Denmark! And such an atypical photo of Denmark too. Just perfect for the prompt! Hope to see you here again for the next prompt.


    1. Great to have you on board @Heart to Heart. I love how you incorporate quotes in your post! I am such a fan of these sayings I post one or two each week on a Sunday. I love discussing their various layers of meanings. I am going to check out your Friendly Friday post now.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You guessed the location, correctly, Len! I arrived early in the morning to avoid the crowds. There were only a few of us there, and for about 15 seconds we had the trail to ourselves. A magical time. I can see that you have selected a wonderful topic in the Torii gates, for the pathways prompt. I am heading over to read more now. Thanks for joining in!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I wasn’t able to log in and post a comment Liz. But I did check out your post and loved the forest pathways you picked for this challenge. Is that your dog?


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